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CAplus, produced by CAS, contains more than 54 million chemistry and chemistry related research records categorized in 80 sections, with references in: 

All areas of biochemistry

  • Agrochemical regulators
  • Biochemical genetics
  • Fermentation
  • Immunochemistry
  • Pharmacology

All areas of organic chemistry

  • Amino acids
  • Biomolecules
  • Carbohydrates
  • Organometallic compounds
  • Steroids

All areas of macromolecular chemistry

  • Cellulose, lignin, paper
  • Coatings, inks
  • Dyes, organic pigments
  • Synthetic elastomers
  • Textiles, fibers

All areas of applied chemistry

  • Air pollution
  • Ceramics
  • Essential oils, cosmetics
  • Fossil fuels
  • Ferrous metals, alloys

All areas of physical, inorganic, analytical chemistry

  • Surface chemistry
  • Catalysts
  • Phase equilibrium
  • Nuclear phenomena
  • Electrochemistry


CAplus covers international journals, patents, patent families, technical reports, books, conference proceedings, and dissertations from all areas of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences from 1907 to the present. In addition, over 180,000 records for pre-1907 patent and journal references are available, from sources such as the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and Chemisches Zentralblatt. Electronic-only journals and web preprints are also covered. Since October 1994, records for all articles from more than 1,500 key chemical journals are added, including records for document types not covered in Chemical Abstracts (CA): biographical items, book reviews, editorials, errata, letters to the editor, news announcements, product reviews, meeting abstracts, and miscellaneous items.

Cited references are included for journals, conference proceedings, and basic patents from the USPTO, EPO, WIPO, and German patent offices added to the CAS databases from 1997 to the present. Also included are patent examiner citations from British and French basic patents (2003 to the present), Canadian patents (2005 to the present) and Japanese patents (2011 to the present). In addition, existing patent records from 1982-2008 have been supplemented with information for cited patents. 

Citing references are included when available.

Legal status information is available for U.S. patents since 1980.


  • Content from Early 1800's 
  • Patent (and patent family) references from 64 patent authorities around the world
  • Chemistry indexed from more than 50,000 scientific journals worldwide, with thousands of active titles currently covered. From 1907 to present, CAS has indexed chemistry from more than 50,000 journal titles. In that time, publishers have discontinued, merged, split, revised and changed the focus of many titles.  (Coverage of English translation journals by CAS)
  • For more information about journal titles and abbreviations for publications indexed by CAS since 1907 please consult the CAS Source Index (CASSI) search tool
  • Conference proceedings
  • Technical reports
  • Books
  • Dissertations
  • Reviews
  • Meeting abstracts
  • Electronic-only journals
  • Web preprints
  • Cover-to-cover coverage for more than 1,500 key chemical journals (since October 1994), including records for document types not covered in Chemical Abstracts (CA)
    • Biographical items
    • Books reviews
    • Editorials
    • Errata
    • Letters to the editor
    • News announcements
    • Product reviews
    • Meeting abstracts

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