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CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™

Accelerate game-changing discoveries with best-in-class solutions that simplify how you find and connect critical information, such as scientific data, methods, formulations, and more—human-curated for quality and completeness.

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CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform solutions

Increase efficiency across the full spectrum of R&D activities by subscribing to the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform, which incorporates the following solutions:

CAS SciFinder®

Speed up your science with human-curated information

CAS SciFinder speeds the process of finding relevant, actionable insights. We’ve combed through the literature so you don’t have to, extracting and annotating the data, concepts, and molecules you care about so that you can innovate quickly and confidently.

CAS Formulus®

Develop safe and effective products

CAS Formulus is an integrated formulations database and workflow solution. With curated information from patents and journals spanning various industries, CAS Formulus helps formulation scientists evaluate ingredients, find suppliers, and explore regulatory requirements, all in one easy interface.

CAS Analytical Methods™

Speed up your science with human-curated information

CAS Analytical Methods provides a single source for searching and comparing the latest published scientific methods across multiple fields of study. Providing easy-to-read experimental details, CAS Analytical Methods helps get you back in the lab faster.

More than a search and retrieval tool

"SciFinder far exceeded my expectations of what I could achieve with a research and scientific information platform. Rather than being a simple search and retrieval tool, it became my ‘lab partner’ to help me address my hypothesis. In all my experience of working in drug discovery, I haven’t found any other product able to do this."
Chris Lipinski, Ph.D.
Author of Rule of 5
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A solution for quickly finding relevant science and connecting concepts

Powering the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform is a team of hundreds of scientific experts that read every article and patent in the CAS Content Collection™ and extract the critical information scientists need.

Through their work, we ensure that your search for a specific concept, method, formulation, or molecule returns the most relevant references for your needs.

More than a relevance search engine, the interface is carefully designed to enable you to make novel connections between disparate pieces of information, driving insight and speeding innovation.

Features of the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform

Investigate innovation opportunities

Use the most science-aware relevance search engine to explore our massive human-curated content repository from journals and patents originally published in 50+ languages.

Stay connected to the latest science

Set alerts to quickly become aware of newly published research and patents specific to your area of study.

Design efficient bench strategies and work plans

Find practical methods and pathways for production synthesis, extracted directly from the literature. Identify opportunities for new breakthroughs in synthetic methods.

Devise retrosynthetic approaches

Uncover retrosynthetic pathways for novel and known targets leveraging sophisticated algorithms mining the CAS reaction database. Clearly understand the diversity of alternatives and evidence for the planned synthetic route.

Test and validate your innovation

Search and filter hundreds of thousands of analytical methods extracted from published references to find the best option for your work.

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Develop a differentiating formulation and manufacture-to-scale

Evaluate a formulation's effectiveness with quick access to the best information for active ingredients and excipients.

Find out how the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform can increase your efficiency and drive innovation first-hand.

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