Patent Kind Codes for CAS Basic and Patent Family Members

CAS has covered patents of chemical, biochemical and chemical engineering interest from 1907 to the present.

This table is a list of patent kind codes for the basic patents and patent family members for the countries covered by CAS.

Country CodeCountryKind CodeType of Publication or Document Title
AMArmeniaAPatent of invention
A2Provisional patent
UUtility model
ARArgentinaA1Patent Application
A2Divisional Patent Application
A3Additional Patent Application
A4Independent Utility Model Application
A5Divisional utility model application
A6Additional Utility Model Application
ATAustriaADocument Laid Open
A1Oesterreichische Patentanmeldung (Application with search report)
A2Oesterreichische Patentanmeldung (Application without search report)
A3Oesterreichische Patentanmeldung (Search report)
A4Oesterreichische Patentanmeldung (Post-Grant Application)
A9Korrigierte Patentanmeldungen (Modified complete specification)
B/B1Patentschrift (Patent)
TTranslation of European Patent Application
AUAustraliaAOPI (Open to Public Inspection)
A1Standard/Petty Application
A2Amended Post OPI
A4Granted/OPI Innovation Patent
A5Pre-Granted/OPI Innovation Patent
A6Amended Post Grant OPI
A9Correction of an A Level Publication
B3Petty Patent
B4Certified Innovation Patent
B9Correction of a B Level Publication
BABosnia and HerzegovinaAPatent application
BGranted patent
B1Granted patent right former
DGranted patent
TTranslation of EP
BEBelgiumA/A1Patent, French language
A2Patent, Dutch language
A3Patent, German language
A4Improvement Patent, French
A5Improvement Patent, Dutch
A6Improvement Patent, German
A7Patent of Importation, French
A8Patent of Importation, Dutch
A9Patent of Importation, German
T1Transformation of EP Patent, French
T2Transformation of EP Patent, Dutch
BGBulgariaAPatent Application
B1Granted Patent (2nd Level of Publication)
B2Granted Patent
BOBoliviaAPatent application
UUtility model
BRBrazilA/A2Pedido de Privilegio (Patent application)
A9Modified complete specification of application for a patent of invention
B1Granted Patent
B9Corrected complete granted patent of invention
D0Patent/Utility Model/Ind. Model/Ind. Design Appl. Filing
E2Application of certificate of addition of invention published without search report
F1Granted certificate of addition of invention
U2Utility Model Application
Y1Granted Utility Model
BYBelarusAPatent application
C1Granted patent
UUtility model
A1Patent Application
A2Division of Patent Application
B/EReissue of Patent
C2Patent Division
EReissue of Patent
CHSwitzerlandA/A5/B/B1/B5Patentschrift/Expose d'Invention/ Exposto d'Invenzione (Patent specification)
A1Patentanmeldung (Patent application with search report)
A2Patentanmeldung (Patent application without search report)
A3Auslegeschrift/Fascicule de la Demande/Fascicolo della Dommanda (Document laid open)
A3Separate search report with first page of patent application
A9Patentschrift/Expose d'Invention/Exposto d'Invenzione (Complete patent modified/rectified)
B2Modified Patent
B9Patentschrift/Expose d'Invention/Exposto d'Invenzione (Patent with examination modified/rectified)
DAuslegeschrift/Fasciule de la Demande/Fascicolo della Domanda (Patent application before 1978)
CLChileA1Patent application
BGranted patent
U1Utility model
YGranted utility model
CNChina, People's Republic ofAUnexamined Patent Application
A9Published patent invention application specification (full edition)
BExamined Application (April 7, 2010 and later)
CGranted Patent (2006-April 6, 2010)
C9Corrected complete granted patent
UGranted Utility Model Patent (April 7, 2010 and later)
U9Utility model patent (full reissue)
YGranted Utility Model Patent (2006 - April 6, 2010)
COColombiaA1Patent Application
A2Application derived from a PCT application
U1Utility model
CRCosta RicaAPatent Application
UUtility Model Application
CSCzechoslovakiaB1Popis Vynalezu k Autorskemu Osvedceni (Inventor's Certificate)
B2Popis Vynalezu k Patentu (Basic Patent)
B3Popis Vynalezu k Autorskemu Osvedceni (Additional inventor's certificate)
B6Patentovy Spis (Patent specification; 1990 Law)
CUCubaA3Certificate of a patent of invention
A7Application for a patent of invention for a pharmaceutical product
B1Granted patent of invention
B7Certificate for a patent of invention for a pharmaceutical product
UUtility model application
CYCyprusAGranted patent
A1Patent application
B1Granted patent
B2Granted patent
T1Translation of EP
CZCzech RepublicB6Patentovy Spis (Patent specification)
DDGerman Democratic RepublicA1Patentschrift, Wirtschaftspatent (Formal examination - prov. econ. patent)
A2Patentschrift, Wirtschaftspatent (Formal examination - prov. econ. patent; Additional)
A3Patentschrift, Hauptpatent (Formal and essential examination - economic patent)
A4Patentschrift, Hauptpatent (Formal and essential examination - economic patent; Additional)
A5/A6/A7/A8Patentschrift, Ausschliessungspatent (Formal examination - prov. economic patent)
A9Offenlegungsschrift (Document laid open - first publication)
B1Patentschrift, Wirtschaftspatent (Granted patents - no sub. exam.)
B2Granted patents (with sub. exam.)
B3Patentschrift, Ausschliessungspatent (Exclusive patent Section 18)
B5Patentschrift (Document laid open - second publ.)
C2Patentschrift, Wirtschaftspatent (Economic patent Section 19)
C4Patentschrift, Ausschliessungspatent (Economic patent Section 19)
C5Patentschrift (Document laid open - third publication)
DEGermanyA/A1Offenlegungsschrift (Document laid open - first publication)
A9Corrected Complete Specification
BAuslegeschrift (published patent application)
B1Auslegeschrift (Document laid open - first publication without A1)
B2Auslegeschrift (Document laid open - second publication published after A1)
B3Patentschrift (Patent - first publication without A1, B1 or B2)
B4Patentschrift (Patent - second publication after A1 or B1)
B9Corrected Complete Specification (Granted Patent)
C1Patentschrift (Patent specification - first publication without A1, B1 or B2)
C2Patentschrift (Patent specification second publication after B2)
C3Patentschrift (Old law, Patent specification - third publication after A1 and B2)
C5Geaenderte Patentschrift (Modified/revised patent)
C9Berichtigung der Geaenderten Patentshrift (Revised patent, corrected complete specification)
T0/T5Veroeffentlichung (Translation of published International Application)
U1Gerbrauchsmusterschrift (Utility model)
U9Corrected Complete Specification Utility Model
DKDenmarkAPatentansogning (Patent application made available to the public)
A1Patent application
A9Completed corrected patent application
BFremlaeggelsesskrift (Document laid open to public inspection)
B1Meddett (Patent specification)
B2/B3/B4Patentskrift (1993 Law: amended after opposition)
B9Complete corrected granted patent
U1Utility Model application
U3Utility Model Specification, without examination
U4Utility Model Specification, with examination
U9Complete corrected Utility Model application
Y3Utility Model Specification, without examination, published after U1
Y4Utility Model Specification, with examination, published after U1/U3
Y5Amended registered Utility Model, without examination, published after U3
Y6Amended registered Utility Model with examination, published after U3/U4
Y9Complete corrected Utility Model specification
Z5Amended registered Utility Model without examination, published after U1/U3
Z6Amended registered Utility Model with examination, published after U1/Y3 or U1/Y4
Z9Complete corrected amended registered Utility Model
DODominican RepublicAPatent application
BGranted patent
UUtility model
YGranted utility model
EAEAPO (Eurasian Patent Organization)B1Patent
B2Amended Specification
B3New specification after limitation procedure
B9Corrected complete granted patent
ECEcuadorAPatent application
EEEstoniaAPatenditaotlus (Published patent application)
A1Amended patent application
B1Patendikirjeldus (Granted patent)
Kind Code List for Patents Covered
Country CodeCountryKind CodeType of Publication or Document Title
EPEPO (European Patent Office)A1Patent Application (With search report)
A2Patent Application (Without search report)
A3European Patent Application Search Report
A9Modified Complete Specifications
B1European Patent
B2European Revised Patent
B3After limitation procedure
C0Unitary Patent Marker
ESSpainA1Patente de Invencion (Patent of invention)
A1Solicitud de Patente (Patent application with search report)
A2Certificado de Adicion (Certificate of addition)
A2Solicitud de Patente (Patent application without search report)
A3Patente de Importation (Patent of importation)
A5Patent de Invencion (Fictive 2nd Publication)
A6Patente de Invencion (1986 Law: Patent of invention without search report)
A9Corrected complete patent application
B1Patente de Grant (Patent published with search report)
B2Patent de Grant (Patent published after examination without search report)
B9Corrected complete granted patent
R1Separately published search report
R2Separately published international search report
T3Patente de Invencion (Translation of granted EP Patent)
FIFinlandAUnexamined application open to public inspection
BKuulutusjulkaisu Utlaggningsskrift (Examined application)
B1/CPatenttijulkaisu Patentskrift (1996 Law: Patent)
B2Amended granted patent after opposition procedure
B3Granted patent after limitation
FRFranceABrevet d'Invention (Old law - Patent of invention)
A1Demande de Brevet d'Invention (Application for patent of invention - first publication)
A2Demande de Certificat d'Addition (Application for certificate of addition to a patent - first publication)
A3Demande de Certificat d'Utilite (Application for certificate of utility - first publication)
A4Demande de Certificat d'Addition a un Certificat d'Utilite (Application for a certificate of addition to a certificate of utility - first publication)
A5Brevet d'Invention (Patent of invention published without A1 - first and only publication)
A6Certificat d'Addition a un Brevet d'Invention (Certificate of addition to a patent of invention published without A2 - first and only publication)
A7Certificat d'Utilite (Certificate of utility published without A3 - first and only publication)
A8Certificat d'Addition a un Certificat d'Utilite (Certificate of addition to a certificate of utility published without A4 - first and only publication)
B1Brevet d'Invention (Published after A1)
B2Certificat d'Addition a un Brevet d'Invention (Patent of invention published after A2 - second publication)
B3Certificat d'Utilite (Certificate of utility published after A3 - second publication)
B4Certificat d'Addition a un Certificat d'Utilite (Certificate of addition to a certificate of utility published after A4 - second publication)
ECertificat d'Addition a un Brevet d'Invention (Old law: Certificate of addition to a patent of invention)
FCertificat d'Addition a un Brevet Special de Medicament (Additional patent for medicament)
MBrevet Special de Medicament (Special patent for medicament)
TTranslation of European patent application
GBUnited KingdomAPatent Application
A9Corrected Complete Specification of Published Application
BAmended Patent Specification
GCGulf Cooperation CouncilAPatent
GEGeorgiaAPatent Application
BGranted patent
UUtility model application
YGranted utility model
GRGreeceAPatent Application
BGranted patent
B1Patent (Published without A)
B2Patent (Published after A)
T3Translation of European Patent
GTGuatemalaAPatent application / divisional patent application
UUtility model application / divisional utility model application
HKHong KongA1Patent
A2Short-Term Patent Specification
HNHondurasAPatent application
BGranted patent
UUtility model application
YRegistered utility model
HRCroatiaA2Prijava Patenta (Patent application without search report)
A9Complete reprint of a HR-A document
B1Patentni Spis (Request recording grand rights)
B3Short term Consensual patent
C1Converted Consensual patent
HUHungaryA1Halasztott Talalmanyi Bejelentes (Unexamined patent application)
A1Szabadalmi Bejelentesek Kozzetetele (1996 Law: Patent application with search report)
A2Teljes Talalmanyi Bejelentes (Unexamined patent application)
A2Szabadalmi Bejelentesek Kozzetetele (1996 Law: Patent application without search report)
A3Kulon Tajekoztatas Ujdonsagkutatasrol (1996 Law: Search report published)
BSzabadalmi Leiras (Patent specification)
B1Szabadalmi Leiras (1996 Law: Patent without previous publication)
IDIndonesiaAPatent application, or simple patent application
BPatent, or simple patent
IEIrelandA1Patent Application
A2Short-Term Patent Application
ILIsraelAPatent Application
INIndiaAPatent Application
BGranted patent
IPWeb publicationTechnical disclosure from
ISIcelandAPatent application
A7Patent application
BPatent grant
B2Amended patent
B3Amended patent
B6Patent grant
T3Translation of EP
ITItalyA1Patent Application
B1Patent (granted)
B1Granted patent
JPJapanAKokai Tokkyo Koho (Published unexamined patent application)
BTokkyo Koho (Published examined patent application)
B1Tokkyo Koho (Granted patent without prior A)
B2Tokkyo Koho (Granted patent with preceding publication)
B6Corrected granted patent
TKohyo Koho (Unexamined patent application on foreign application)
UToroku Jitsuyo Shinan Koho (Registered Utility Model Application)
U6Toroku Jitsuyo Shinan Koho Teisei (Correction to Registered Utility Model Application)
KEKenyaAPatent application
BGranted patent
DPatent application – duplicate number
TPCT National Phase
UUtility model application
YGranted utility model
BGranted patent
C1Granted patent
UUtility model application
YUtility model grant
KRKorea, Republic ofAKongkae Taeho Kongbo (Unexamined Patent Application)
B1Teuk-Hu Gong-Bo (Patent Specification)
UGong-Gae Sil-Yong Sin-An Gong-Bo (Unexamined Utility Model)
Y1Deung-Rok Sil-Yong Sin-An Gong-Bo (Examined Utility Model)
UUtility model application
YUtlity model
LTLithuaniaBPatento Aprasymas (Patent application)
LULuxembourgA1Patent Application (With search report)
A2Patent Application (Without search report)
B1Granted patent
LVLatviaBIszinas (Patent publication)
MAMoroccoA1Patent application
MCMonacoABrevet d'Invention (Patent of Invention)
ECertification of addition
MDMoldovaACerere de Brevet de Inventie (Published non-examined patent application)
A0Patent application published before 18 months
A1Patent application published with search report
A2Patent application published without search report
A3Search report
A9Modified complete specification
B1Brevet de Inventie (Published examined patent application without A publication) / Granted patent
B2Brevet de Inventie (Published examined patent application with A) / Granted patent amend after opposition or appeal
B9Corrected complete granted patent
C1Patent specification not preceded by B1 or B2 / Issued patent
C2Patent specification preceded by B1 or B2 / Issued patent amended after opposition or appeal
C3Issued patent amended after limitation or revocation
C9Corrected complete patent specification / Corrected complete issued patent
F1Brevet de Inventie Acordat (Dec. of grant without examination and without A)
F2Brevet de Inventie Acordat (Dec. of grant without examination and published with A)
G1Patent without ex. and without F
G2Patent without ex. and with F
G9Corrected complete G1 or G2
I1Utility model without ex. and without W
I2Utility model without ex. and with W
UUnexamined application for utility model
U0Short-term patent application
U9Corrected complete utility model application
W1Dec. of grant without ex. and without U
W2Dec. of grant without ex. and with U
W9Corrected complete W1 or W2
YGranted short-term patent for invention
Y1Publ. exam. Utility appl. without U publ.
Y2Publ. exam. Utility appl. preceded by U
Y3Granted short-term patent amended after opposition or appeal
Y9Corrected complete examined utility model application / Corrected complete granted short-term patent of invention
ZIssued short-term patent for invention
Z1Utility model not preceded by Y1 or Y2
Z2Utility model preceded by Y1 or Y2
Z3Short-term patent of invention, issued after amendment following opposition or appeal
Z4Short-term patent of invention, issued after amendment following limitation or revocation
Z5Extended short-term patent of invention
Z6Extended short-term patent of invention, amended after extension procedure
Z9Corrected complete issued or extended short-term patent of invention
Country CodeCountryKind CodeType of Publication or Document Title
MEMontenegroAPatent application
BGranted patent
MNMongoliaA1Patent application
A6Inventor’s certificate
A8Inventor’s certificate of addition
BGranted patent
UUtility model
MTMaltaBGranted patent
MWMalawiA1Patent application
MXMexicoASolicitud de Patente (Patent application)
BGranted patent/ granted utility model
MYMalaysiaAGranted patents and utility models
NINicaraguaAPatent application
UUtility model
NLNetherlandsATerinzagelegging (Patent application laid open)
A1Inschrijving (Registered specification laid open)
BOpenbaargemaakte (Published patent application)
B9Complete reprint of a B-document
COctrooi (Patent)
C1Octrooi - 6 yr. (Patent without search report)
C2Octrooi - 20 yr. (Patent with search report)
NONorwayAUnexamined Patent Application
BUtlegningsskrift (Document laid open for public inspection)
B1Patent (1997 Law)
B2Granted after opposition
B3Granted with admin. Limitation
NZNew ZealandAPatent Application
PAPanamaA1Patent Application
UUtility model application
PEPeruA1Patent application
ZUtility model
PHPhilippinesAPatent Application
A1Application with search report
A2Application without search report
A3Search report
B1Granted Patent
ZUtility Model Application
PKPakistanAPatent application
A0Patent application notification
PLPolandA5Opis Patentowy (Inventor Certificate)
A6Opis Patentowy (Inventor Certificate; Addition)
B1Opis Patentowy (Patent)
B2Opis Patentowy Patentu Tymczasowego (Provisional patent)
B3Opis Patentowy (Additional patent)
B4Opis Patentowy Patentu Tymczasowego (Provisional additional patent)
PTPortugalAFasciculo de Patente de Invencao (Application for patent of invention)
A1Modified patent application
BFasciculo de Patente de Invencao (Granted Patent)
ETranslation of EP
TTranslation of European Patent for application for a utility model
PYParaguayAPatent application
BGranted patent
YUtility model
RDResearch Disclosure
RORomaniaA0Cerere de Brevet de Inventie (Patent Application)
A1Descrierea Inventiei (Patent)
A2Descrierea Inventiei (Inventor Certificate)
A3Descrierea Inventiei (Addition to Inventor Certificate)
A7Complementary description of an invention
BPatent specification
B1Granted patent as first publication
B2Patent in the amended form subsequently to the revocation procedure
B3Descrierea Inventiei (Patent - later supply of Romanian abstract)
B9Patent with corrections in the description, claims and/or drawings
RSSerbiaAPatent application (<2012)
A1Patent application w/ search report
A2Patent application w/o search report
A3Search report
BGranted patent (<2012)
B1Granted patent
B2Amended grant
B9Complete corrected patent
UUtility model (<2012)
U1Petty patent (utility model)
RURussiaC1Vydannyi bez Predshestvuyushchei Publikatsii Zayavki (Patent for invention)
C2Vydannyi s Predshestvuyushchei Publikatsii Zayavki (Patent for invention - second publication
Imperial Russia Patent
Russian Applications
SASaudi ArabiaAPatent application
B1Granted patent
SESwedenAPatent application made available to the public
A0Patent application filed
A1Patent application
A2Corrected patent application
A3Patent application for provisional protection
BUtlaeggningsskrift (Document laid open for public inspection)
CPatentskrift (Granted patent)
C2Patentskrift (1994 Law: Granted patent)
C3Corrected granted patent
T3Translation of EP patent
SGSingaporeA1Patent Application
A2Patent s Skrajsanim Trajanjem (Short term patent)
SMSan MarinoAPublication of application/Publication of application for PCT transfers
A1Publication of application
BGranted patent
B1Granted patent
T1Translation of EP granted patent
T2Granted patent for PCT transfers
SUUSSR (Union of Socialist Soviet Republics)A1Opisanie Izobreteniya k Avtorskomu Svidetel'stvu (Description of the invention for an inventor's certificate)
A2Opisanie Izobreteniya k Avtorskomu Svidetel'stvu (Description of the invention for an inventor's certificate of addition)
A3Opisanie Izobreteniya k Patentu (Description of the invention for a patent)
A4Opisanie Izobreteniya k Patentu (Description of the invention for a patent of addition)
SVEl SalvadorAPatent application
UUtlity model
THThailandAPatent application
UUtlity model
TJTajikistanAPatent application
BGranted patent
R3Reregistration of SU patent
UUtility model
Y3Petty patent
TNTunisiaA1Patent application
TTTrinidad and TobagoBGranted patent
TRTurkeyA1Patent Basvurusu (Patent application with search report)
A2Patent Basvurusu (Patent application without search report)
A3Patent Basvurusu (Search report)
TPatent applications filed through the Patent Cooperation Treaty and published together with the search report
T1Patent Basvurusu (Translation of WO international application with search report)
T2Patent Basvurusu (Translation of WO international application without search report)
T3Translated EP claims
TWTaiwanBZhulanli Gongbao (Patent)
UAUkraineADeclarative patent specification for invention
A1Patent for invention, granted upon a USSR author’s certificate
C2Patent for invention, granted upon the application, filed within the Patent Office of the USSR and for which no positive decision was taken, or Patent for invention
UUtility model
USUnited StatesAGranted Patent (prior to 2001)
A0Published Patent Applications (NTIS)
A1Patent Application (Post 2000)
A2Republished Patent Application (Post 2000)
A9Corrected Patent Application (Post 2000)
B1Granted Patent (Published without A1)
B2Granted Patent (Published with A1)
B3Reexamination Certificate (Prior to 2001)
C7/C8/C9"Reexamination Certificate (Post 2000)
E/E1Reissue Patent
H/H1Statutory Invention Registration
I4Defensive Publication
I5United States Patent Application (Trial Program)
P1Plant Patent Application Publication
P2Plant Patent Application Publication (Published without P1)
P3Plant Patent Application Publication (Published with P1)
P9Corrected Plant Patent Application
UYUruguayA1Patent application
UUtility model
VEVenezuelaAPatent application
BGranted patent
UUtility model application
YGranted utility model
VNVietnamAPatent application
A1Patent application
BGranted patent
UUtility model application
YGranted utility model
WOWIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)A1PCT International Application (With search report)
A2PCT International Application (Without search report)
A3PCT International Application Search Report
A8Modified first page
A9Republished PCT International Application or PCT International Application Search Report
B1Amended claims
YUYogolaviaAPatent application
BPatent specification
ZASouth AfricaAPatent Specification
DPatent Specification (Used to distinguish a document with the same number as one previously published)
ZMZambiaA1Patent application
BGranted patent
ZWZimbabweA1Patent for an invention