CAS Innovation Incubator

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), is committed to improving lives through science and technology innovation. The CAS Innovation Incubator program is designed to help accelerate your next breakthrough with early-stage support from CAS. Apply to access unique content, technology, and expertise to propel your cutting-edge projects to the next phase.

CAS offers scientific resources, IP expertise, and potential funding to early-stage innovators to advance scientific innovations

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Who should apply?

Candidates for the CAS Innovation Incubator are organizations focusing on innovative advancements in:

  • Life sciences 
  • Materials science 
  • Technology and data sciences 
  • Sustainability 

Ideal candidates will be early-stage organizations (pre-seed, seed, Series A) in the commercial or academic sector seeking specialized resources to accelerate development.

What can you expect from the CAS Innovation Incubator?

Participants in the CAS Innovation Incubator may have access to:

  • Customized offerings built from the largest human-curated collection of scientific data in the world. 
  • CAS’ exclusive technologies that reveal connections among disparate data. 
  • Deep scientific and technological expertise spanning numerous disciplines.  
  • Guidance and mentorship in navigating the global intellectual property ecosystem.  
  • Brand elevation through the support and credibility of ACS and CAS.  

Example offerings:

  • Specialized datasets for training AI and machine learning 
  • API applications for quickly adding information into your workflow 
  • Assistance with freedom to operate, landscaping, and whitespace analysis 

Why CAS?

CAS connects the world’s scientific knowledge to accelerate breakthroughs that improve lives. It helps global innovators reveal unseen connections to ignite innovation through world-class solutions, like CAS SciFinder, STN IP Protection Suite™, and CAS Custom ServicesSM.

How does CAS benefit?

CAS’ passion is advancing scientific progress and it has designed the CAS Innovation Incubator to support a wide range of innovators. CAS may seek equity or licensing requirements as part of the acceptance into the CAS Innovation Incubator.

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