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CAS Formulus®

This integrated workflow tool is built from a human-curated formulation database and helps formulation scientists create products that are safe and effective.

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Our human-curated formulation database delivers

CAS Formulus is offered as a part of the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™ or as a standalone solution.

Time and efficiency

Save time during library days to answer early formulating questions.


Get ideas that spark a starting point with an active ingredient.

Targeted curation

Conduct formulation-specific narrow searches to your exact need.


Foreseeing product trends with CAS Formulus

Find common threads that lead to formulation trends such as the use of spirulina in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and agriculture.

We demonstrate how to overcome specific challenges by examining what others have done, such as:

  • Where market trends start and perceptions are established.
  • How to find common threads through market trends.
  • How others have lowered regulatory barriers so you can forge ahead.
"Product development is always on the edge of knowledge; you can use what people have done before to guide you. CAS Formulus has been really effective helping me do that. The level of searchability allows me to wade through all the literature more effectively to get to the answer and get into the lab with a more informed baseline."
Barry Fanning, Ph.D.
Senior scientist, The Andersons


 Advance your project efficiently

Formulation Designer provides you with a template based on your selections for industry, purpose, physical form, and active/featured ingredients.

Search using powerful filtering and sorting capabilities

Advanced Search returns easy-to-read details of a formulation including components, processes, and experimental activities.

Obtain regulatory and related information with each search

Regulatory Information shows “commonly used as,” “commonly formulated with,” and regulatory information.

Visualize data more effectively

Layer and Effectiveness is a detailed view of the formulation that provides groups for each layer and keeps the grouped components together for a quicker understanding of formulation science.

Easily source compounds

CAS Formulus brings together the aggregated supplier information to compare and contrast supplier offerings.

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Find what you need through human curation

Our formulation database starts with the indexing and annotation of patents and journals by our team of experienced scientist curators. They extract information specific to the formulation so you can quickly see the formulation details, explore specific ingredients, and view the source of the information.

Find out how CAS Formulus can increase your efficiency and drive innovation first-hand