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Other CAS Solutions

CAS makes the latest scientific data accessible to logistics and business professionals to make better regulatory and labeling decisions while tapping the potential of centuries of indexed research.

CAS Chemical Compliance Index™

Promote your chemical catalogs in CAS market-leading research solutions.

CAS Chemical Compliance Index provides access to nearly 150 international regulatory inventories including CLP Regulations, CAS Registry Numbers®, chemical names, and more.


Gain new insights from historical revelations and avoid critical research gaps.

Access more than 300 volumes of research dating back to 1830, expertly translated, indexed, and available in CAS SciFinder®.

CAS Chemical Supplier Insights℠

CAS Chemical Supplier Insights lets you promote your chemical catalogs in CAS market-leading research solutions to reach chemists, biologists, and formulators.

By prioritizing your catalogs in CAS SciFinder or CAS Formulus®, you increase brand and product visibility to hundreds of thousands of scientists at their moment of need.