See the CAS Content Collection™ through a biological lens

Designed to support the needs of biology-based inquiry, the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform adds new data types, connections, and visualizations to the CAS Content Collection. The platform includes a new CAS BioFinderTM solution with embedded predictive models, enhanced capabilities in CAS SciFinder®, and access to comprehensive bioactivity and biomarker data through an application programming interface (API). 

"CAS BioFinder provides a centralized database for drug discovery. It tells you everything that’s been published in patents and literature and has associated pharmacology pathways, metabolism, and nearby chemical neighbors. A lot of people in drug discovery are going to different databases for each line function, but CAS BioFinder is a nice way of centralizing that."

Structural biologist, CAS BioFinder development partner

What is the CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform?

Move faster with API access

Streamline your drug discovery workflows with API access to high-quality, harmonized, and renowned CAS data, including normalized bioactivity and biomarker data. 

Complete your workflows with CAS SciFinder

Leverage the integrated capabilities of CAS SciFinder and CAS BioFinder for deep dives into reference material, biological sequence data, retrosynthesis planning, and analytical methods.

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Explore CAS life sciences data

Answer critical drug discovery questions


What scaffolds and molecules are associated with this disease?


What molecules are likely to interact with this target?


What targets are likely to interact with this molecule?


What biomarkers are relevant to this disease?

"CAS BioFinder has been a very useful tool, especially for identifying ligands or scaffolds of interest and discovering similar ligands and the targets that they inhibit. The ease of finding references for compounds actually helped us understand more about a possible new target on which our ligand acted in phenotypic assays."

CAS BioFinder development partner

Capabilities designed for your drug discovery success

  • Search by target, disease, ligand, or molecular structure to analyze detailed bioactivity data and identify new drug development opportunities.   

  • Find and explore targets quickly with a detailed breakdown of the relationships between diseases, pathways, targets, and ligands.

  • Drive efficient SAR exploration with a comprehensive scaffold search to help you identify ligands linked to published and predicted bioactivity data.

  • Expose hidden interactions between ligands and their protein targets and connected pathways by leveraging predictive analytics, machine learning, and neural networks.

  • Identify targets and associated pharmacology data for any known or novel molecule, and filter results by functions like inhibitor, modulator, and agonist.

  • Advance drug candidates confidently with innovative prediction models that forecast off-target interactions for any ligand to maximize safety and minimize risk.

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