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Custom data science and chemistry consulting services

Partner directly with expert scientists at CAS to design custom solutions by leveraging our content, technology, and expertise in new ways to drive innovation and solve unique R&D and business challenges.

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Intertwined solutions for successful digital transformation

Maximizing your data involves the strategic implementation of strong AI models and advanced analytics. This requires a robust data foundation set through solid knowledge management strategies.

With CAS Custom ServicesSM, you can master every aspect of your data framework to secure reliable, evidence-based insights that set your company up for success.

World-class knowledge management to support your business

Dark data analytics

Gain actionable insights for data-driven decisions

  • Uncover optimization and growth opportunities in your data landscape. 
  • Predict industry trends and market demands for proactive business adaptation.
  • Identify emerging threats and bolster your risk management strategy.

AI enablement

Get powerful predictions to drive innovation

  • Discover hidden R&D opportunities in your data through AI-enhanced data mining.
  • Obtain precise AI-driven recommendations aligned with your business scope. 
  • Improve AI prediction accuracy with custom-curated training datasets. 

Data governance

Facilitate company-wide data access to accelerate breakthrough

  • Transform accumulated data into actionable assets specific to your business.
  • Promote cross-department collaboration and boost innovation with simplified data-sharing.
  • Ensure high-quality, reliable, and clean data to secure powerful insights and analytics.

Chemical data management

Structure your chemical data to uncover its hidden value

  • ‍Leverage your chemical data to pinpoint innovation opportunities, monitor usage, and minimize waste
  • Enhance workplace safety and reduce risks by improving access to chemical data
  • Simplify regulatory submissions and compliance with clean, ready-to-use chemical data

Data science for sustainability

Enhance your sustainability initiatives for meaningful change

  • Uncover energy-saving and resource-optimization opportunities from data-based insights.
  • Develop sustainable initiatives that resonate with consumers using trend and landscape analysis.
  • Maximize process and resource efficiency to achieve a sustainable business model.

Supply chain analysis and risk management

Ensure operational resilience and maintain continuous workflow

  • Identify potential risks in your daily operations, including logistical challenges, supplier issues, and regulation changes.
  • Develop mitigation strategies to minimize delays and respond to emerging threats quickly.
  • Optimize your inventory and avoid resource waste by predicting market demands and supply needs.

CAS exclusive benefits

The experts at CAS have innovated groundbreaking scientific information solutions such as the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™. This same content, expertise, and technology can be customized for the success of your project.

Unparalleled content

Largest collection of connected scientific data curated by scientists and customizable for your unique applications.

Unmatched human expertise

Hundreds of scientists and technologists speaking over 50 languages with unique experience managing scientific information.

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Specialized technology

Leading innovator in management, search and analysis of scientific data including development of CAS Registry Numbers® and the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform.

"This deep understanding of scientific information is a big advantage for CAS. We have not been able to learn to manage specialized materials data elsewhere."
Umi Yamamoto
Ph.D., Senior Research Chemist, Toray Industries

Solve your unique knowledge management challenges with custom solutions

Drive industry-leading advancements and accelerate breakthroughs by unlocking your data’s full potential. Contact our CAS Custom Services experts to find the digital solution to your information challenges.