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Case Studies
Toray Industries unlocks new value from data with CAS Knowledge Management Training
A strong data platform enables valuable R&D data to be integrated where and when it is needed. Yet, managing scientific data requires expertise. Researchers at a leading materials organization learned key principles of data management through specialized training at CAS. Read more
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CAS Makes Commitment to Enhance Laboratory Safety by Partnering with the Pistoia Alliance for Chemical Safety Library
CAS and Pistoia agreement will leverage CAS information management capabilities to grow critical safety resource pioneered by the Pistoia Alliance for the chemical community. Read more
Press Releases
INPI and CAS Sign Technical Cooperation Agreement Formalizing Collaboration to Tackle Brazil’s Patent Application Backlog
The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) of Brazil and CAS have signed a formal Technical Cooperation Agreement to test and optimize the application of CAS technology to expedite patent examination. Read more
Tracking COVID-19 Testing Technology - Infographic
This COVID-19 Testing Technology infographic summarizes both the key characteristics and benefits of the technologies needed, and the leading assay technologies currently in use for virus, antibody, or antigen detection. Read more
Impact of COVID-19: AI and Machine Learning Solutions
As part of the CPhI webinar series, CAS and IQVIA join forces to deliver insights into optimizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for predictive analytics, clinical trials and drug discovery in response to COVID-19. Read more
How to Maximize the Strategic Value of Formulations Data in Pharma
This whitepaper discusses how pharmaceutical companies can maximize the strategic value of formulations data to shorten development times, stay ahead of competition, and position themselves for success. Read more
Press Releases
CAS Releases Special Report Highlighting COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Research
CAS has issued a special report in ACS Central Science titled “Assay Techniques and Test Development for COVID-19 Diagnosis.” This report provides a detailed overview of COVID-19 diagnostic tests, trends, and resources. Read more
Assay Techniques and Test Development for COVID-19 Diagnosis
To provide a better understanding and comparison of the diagnostic tests available in the fight against COVID-19, CAS has produced a report summarizing the basic principles of molecular and serological assays being used in diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2. The report highlights recent advancements in testing technologies and provides a high-level view of currently available diagnostic tests. Read more
Case Studies
Curated Training Sets for Innovative AI Predictions
Utilizing only internal data can lead to the lack of specific electronic, structure and device properties required to generate innovative machine learning predictions. Learn how one company turned to custom-curated data to expand a limited view of the scientific landscape. Read more