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Novel oligonucleotide with application in mRNA vaccine quality control gets 250 millionth CAS Registry Number
Novel oligonucleotide from Moderna, with application in mRNA vaccine quality control, marks the 250 millionth substance registration in CAS REGISTRY.
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A Review of the Global Efforts on COVID-19 Vaccine Development
This report reviews Covid-19 vaccine research, compares the underlying technologies, the use of adjuvants and delivery systems in their application, and provides a perspective on their future direction. Read more
The Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Questions Answered
Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the safety, efficacy, and composition of the currently available Covid vaccines. Updated March 26, 2021. Read more
Safety in numbers: Connecting the community to improve lab safety
The Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library (CSL) is an open-access database providing access to hazardous reaction information crowd-sourced from academic, industry, and government institutions around the world. Developed and hosted by CAS, the CSL supports laboratory safety. Read more
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CAS Common Chemistry™ expands collection of publicly available chemical information
CAS has expanded the open access Common Chemistry resource to nearly 500,000 substances from CAS REGISTRY®. The collection represents substances commonly found in consumer products, regulatory lists, and introductory chemistry curricula. Read more
Can plastic eating super-enzymes solve our destructive plastic problem?
An overview of research on how microbial enzymes can break down plastics, which could otherwise take hundreds of years to degrade.
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Accelerating Discovery: COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthroughs and their Future Impact
This whitepaper explores innovative research and technologies that played crucial roles in Covid-19 vaccine development. Read more
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New AI-Enabled Virtual Screening Tool Identifies Most Promising Approved Drugs for Success in Treating COVID-19
WorldQuant Predictive (WQP) and CAS have partnered to develop a groundbreaking methodology that can save time and lives by helping researchers rapidly prioritize the most promising drug candidates to treat COVID-19 and other critical diseases. Read more
Predicting New Chemistry: Impact of High-Quality Training Data on Prediction of Reaction Outcomes
Scientists at Bayer expand their understanding into new, useful chemistry by improving the predictive power of a synthesis planning model with scientist-curated reactions from CAS. Read more