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Hydrogen Fuel - Insights into a Growing Market
Download this in-depth CAS Market Report to gain insight into the evolution of hydrogen fuel technology, the global innovation landscape, key market trends and potential applications and opportunities. Read more
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Driving Innovation with Data: Preserving Brazil’s Biodiversity
In this case study, learn how CAS collaborated with natural product researchers in Brazil to build an accessible data collection, representing over 54,000 substances from Brazilian biodiversity. Read more
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Syngenta Invests in SciFinderⁿ from CAS to Enhance Research Efficiency and Bring Sustainable Agricultural Solutions to Market Faster
Syngenta invests in SciFinderⁿ from CAS to enhance research efficiency and bring sustainable agricultural solutions to market faster. Advanced scientific information solutions proving to be a critical driver of productivity for leading innovators as the volume of published scientific data grows. Read more
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CAS Rolls Out New Predictive Retrosynthetic Capabilities in SciFinderⁿ
As part of the continued commitment to helping R&D leaders accelerate scientific discovery, CAS announced the launch of a breakthrough retrosynthetic capability in SciFinderⁿ . This computer-aided synthetic design (CASD) solution utilizes AI technology, powered by CAS’s unmatched collection of scientist-curated reaction content and leverages John Wiley and Sons, Inc.’s award-winning ChemPlanner technology to now identify predicted retrosynthetic routes for both known and novel compounds. Read more
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Scilligence and CAS Collaborate to Integrate SciFinderⁿ with ELN.
CAS has partnered with Scilligence to integrate SciFinderⁿ with Scilligence ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook). This integration helps scientists simplify their workflow by allowing easy access to vital research information in SciFinderⁿ while maintaining traceability of their ideas. Structure and reaction searches in SciFinderⁿ can now be initiated directly from Scilligence ELN. Read more
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iChemLabs introduces ChemDoodle tools to search directly in SciFinderⁿ from CAS
CAS continues its partnership with iChemLabs to optimize the efficiency of chemical structure searching and drawing in SciFinderⁿ using ChemDoodle®. Advanced SciFinderⁿ searches are now immediately accessible to ChemDoodle users to increase workflow efficiency. Read more
Formulus Infographic - Tackling the Formulator's Challenge
Studies suggest 30% of overall R&D costs relate to product development. Human-curated research tools like Formulus remove hurdles to allow formulators to do what they do best, focus on innovating. Read more
Chemical Space Analytics: Bridging the Gap Between Data and Action
The Journal of Organic Chemistry article "Recent Changes in the Scaffold Diversity of Organic Chemistry As Seen in the CAS Registry" shows the pace of innovation from a structural perspective is accelerating despite the extensive reuse of a relative small number of scaffolds. Read more
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BioDuro chooses SciFinderⁿ from CAS to Enhance Research Productivity and Shorten Cycle Times for Client Success
BioDuro chooses SciFinderⁿ to enhance research productivity and shorten cycle times for client success
Collaboration between drug companies and contract research partners drives innovation in evolving business environment.
Read more