The largest human-curated collection of scientific data in the world, the CAS Content Collection™, underpins all of our solutions to inform confident innovation decisions.

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The authoritative source for chemical substance data

CAS REGISTRY is the standard source relied upon by scientists, manufacturers, regulators, and data scientists worldwide for accurate and complete information on chemical substances and sequences. Containing chemical names, structures, CAS Registry Numbers®, properties, and a myriad of other data for more than 279 million registered substances, CAS REGISTRY is the hub of the CAS Content Collection.

CAS References

Insights from over a century of published scientific literature

The CAS reference collection aggregates and connects scientific knowledge from thousands of journals and other sources published globally in more than 50 languages dating back to the early 1800s.

CAS Patents

Accessible invention details from global intellectual property

CAS patent data covers key invention details from applications published by 109 global patent authorities. This scientist-curated resource makes complex aspects of patent documents, including chemical substances, sequences, Markush structures, assignees, and classification codes, searchable and accessible.

CAS Life Sciences

Structured biological data connected with drug discovery chemistry

The CAS Content Collection now includes life sciences data curated by our expert scientists. Answer key drug discovery questions with structure-activity relationships, sequences, biomarkers, and more.

CAS Reactions

Synthetic details to inform planning and process optimization

The CAS reaction collection is the most trusted source for detailed and dependable synthetic organic reaction data. Defined substance roles, reaction conditions, yields, and catalysts for more than 150 million single and multi-step reactions provide insight that empowers efficient synthesis planning and scale up.

CAS Commercial Sources™

Up-to-date supplier catalog listings for commercially available chemicals

CAS Commercial Sources connects researchers with chemical suppliers by providing an aggregated source of current global chemical catalog data, including quantities, prices, and supplier contact information, to simplify chemical sourcing and expedite research.

CAS Formulations

The largest consolidated collection of formulations details

A unique collection of detailed information on formulations sourced from journals, patents, and product inserts, CAS Formulations provides the critical information researchers, formulators, and IP professionals need to get safe and effective products to market faster.

“During my visit to CAS last year they showed me how they curate the data,” shares Dr. Valli. “There are hundreds of scientists working to mine the literature. The quality is impressive. We completely trust the data sent by CAS.”
Source: TechValidate. TVID: F88-FA8-815
Dr. Marilia Valli
Postdoctoral researcher, IFSC-USP

Scientists serving science

Human intellect is at the heart of CAS. Hundreds of scientists work every day to build the CAS Content Collection. They are passionate about advancing science. They take pride in their work and its importance in enabling critical breakthroughs that improve lives. Collectively, these scientists speak more than 50 languages and embody a wealth of specialized expertise across disciplines. This body of collective knowledge underpins the unique capabilities of CAS.

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