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CAS Solutions

Designed to meet the needs of research, patent, regulatory, and business professionals in every phase of the innovation journey, CAS Solutions curate, connect, and analyze scientific knowledge to reveal unseen insights and relationships that accelerate your breakthroughs.

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CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™

Serving the research process end-to-end

Get discoveries to market faster and optimize margins. By giving researchers the tools and information they need, you can avoid surprises, uncover competitive intelligence, and make smart investments.

STN IP Protection Suite™

Connecting R&D and intellectual property

Save time and money with intellectual property (IP) insights. From new users to expert searchers, the STN IP Protection Suite helps mitigate risks and respond faster to opportunities critical to your innovation journey.

CAS BioFinder Discovery Platform™

Simplify the drug discovery process

Accelerate your path to novel therapies with rapid, dependable insights into drug discovery data with predictive models. Dive into structure, target, and bioactivity details to confidently and quickly identify drug candidate molecules and potential drug targets.

CAS Custom Services℠

Accelerating breakthroughs with custom data, analytics, and insight

Partner directly with expert scientists and technologists at CAS to design custom solutions that leverage our content, technology, and expertise in new ways to drive efficiency innovation, capture emerging opportunities, and solve unique R&D and business challenges.

Other Solutions

Mitigating risk through guidance

Drive insights that inform your scientific workflows. CAS is the specialist in scientific information, providing focused solutions for regulatory compliance, supplier information, and chemical safety.

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Predicting new chemistry

Bayer scientists increased prediction accuracy by 32 percentage points with scientist-curated data from CAS. Enhanced predictive power in rare reaction classes contributes new, useful results to open up difficult areas of science.

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“CAS has so much experience doing this. They have a high-quality scientific database and the know-how to create them. That’s something no one else can do.”

Umi Yamamoto, Ph.D., Sr. Research Chemist
Toray Industries, Participant in CAS Training
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CAS and INPI Partner to Reduce Brazil’s Patent Application Backlog

“Embracing new technology approaches is a critical strategy needed to meet our commitment to reduce Brazil’s application backlog by 80% in the next 2 years. The unique technology and expertise that CAS has provided demonstrate a measurable impact on our examiners’ efficiency. We are pleased with the progress to date and look forward to building on this partnership to achieve our objective.”

Dr. Claudio Furtado, President
National Institute of Industrial Property of Brazil
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“This fast progress has only been possible by empowering our data mining technologies with the scientist-curated content from CAS. It has provided our researchers with the information they need to identify creative applications for the compounds.”

Aviad Karniel, Operations Manager
Central R&D Facility, ICL
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“More data beats clever algorithms, but BETTER DATA beats more data.”

Peter Novig, Ph.D., Director of Research at Alphabet Inc.
Notable author, and AI expert
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