CAS Chemical Compliance Index™

CAS Chemical Compliance Index is your single source for global, up-to-date, and accurate compliance and regulatory information.

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Chemical regulatory compliance: Corporate citizenship means global citizenship

Whether you’re doing business in the next state over or across the globe, you need reliable, up-to-date regulatory information for your chemical materials.

Regulatory affairs are about more than just avoiding fines and delays. With an increasingly complex global regulatory landscape and a more environmentally conscious consumer base, your company cannot afford the financial, environmental, and social costs of being noncompliant.

CAS Chemical Compliance Index provides you with the most accurate, up-to-date global chemical regulatory information so that you can protect your company’s reputation and avoid noncompliance fees, ecological disasters, and public relations fiascos.

Authority on chemical data

CAS has been a dependable source of chemical information for more than 100 years.

Reliable global regulatory coverage

CAS content contains more than 150 international regulatory inventories and lists and is updated weekly.

A trusted agency partner

Over the decades, CAS chemical substance experts have been contracted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and European and Canadian government entities to build agencies’ regulated substance inventories. To this day, CAS continues to maintain the EPA’s TSCA Master Inventory.

Solution features

Stay up to date with custom alert notifications and pre-manufacturing notices.

The substance component search function allows you to explore regulations for polymeric material.

Toxicity and ecotoxicity information empower responsible, sustainable decisions.

The world’s authority on chemical data

CAS is your one true source for chemical substance data. CAS REGISTRY® is relied upon by scientists, manufacturers, regulators, and data scientists worldwide for accurate and complete information on chemical substances and sequences.

Like all CAS solutions, CAS Chemical Compliance Index is powered by the CAS Content CollectionTM, the largest human-curated collection of scientific data in the world.

"The regulatory information is all available in one place and is easy to interpret and understand to make a decision."
Source: TechValidate. TVID: EF7-F2A-346
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