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Using sequence search findings to build IP value during biologics R&D

The increasingly complex biologics space presents challenges to patent attorneys and research teams seeking to discover and protect IP value during drug R&D.

Quality IP search findings provide critical insights into the biologics landscape and freedom to operate needed to drive innovation forward.

Key industry expertise

Our searchers average 25+ years of experience managing search strategies for the world’s largest R&D organizations. Our domain expertise:

  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Protein and nucleic acid sequences
  • Chemically modified proteins and nucleic acids
  • Engineering
  • Biomedical devices
  • Materials science


“When we look at understanding patents around chemically modified RNAs, we need to conduct searches into the RNA, potential ligands and conjugates, and delivery systems, and these are described in many ways. Performing that research accurately takes a highly sophisticated searcher, like the experts at CAS IP Services, with access to appropriate databases and powerful analytical tools, plus the know-how to capture information relevant to a particular innovation without being overly inclusive.”
Heidi M. Berven, Ph.D., Partner and Co-Leader, Patent Practice Group, Honigman LLP
"CAS brings us a higher level of scientific knowledge and is able to design and execute very sophisticated search strategies, which gives us greater confidence in their results. Working with CAS IP Services has been a great partnership, one area in our work that we never have to worry about."
Mary Richardson, Ph.D., DABT
Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President
iuvo BioScience