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Our patent collection is augmented with English titles and abstracts and detailed indexing by CAS scientists, making complex aspects of patent documents, including chemical substances, sequences, Markush structures, assignees, and classification codes, searchable and accessible.

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Patents published by 109 issuing authorities covering more than 40,000 unique IPC codes in areas including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, processes, materials, engineering, agriculture, and more.

English language titles and abstracts for patents published in 50 languages translated and enhanced by CAS scientists.

Key invention details including substances, reactions, Markush representations, and more indexed by scientists and connected to other relevant data within the CAS Content Collection™.

Consolidated patent family summaries and convenient connections to global full-text patent documents.

Claims text, legal status information, cited references, and examiner citations included for select authorities.

Updated daily, with patent applications from nine major patent issuing authorities available within two days of publication.

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