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Strategic insights in ADC development: How to navigate the IP landscape

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are emerging as a revolutionary class of biopharmaceuticals, combining the precision of monoclonal antibodies with the power of small-molecule drugs.

The promise of ADC technology is marked by the significant increase in R&D investment in the search for more effective, tailored treatments for difficult-to-treat diseases such as breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, autoimmune disease, inflammatory disorders, and complex bacterial infections.

As interest and investment in ADCs continue to grow, strategies that allow intellectual property (IP) analysts, search experts, lawyers, and R&D decision-makers to stay on top of the latest R&D and IP activities are vital for success in ADC innovation and commercialization.

How can IP professionals optimize IP searches to generate better insights, inform decision-making, protect innovations, and maximize ROI in the complex and dynamic ADC landscape?

This white paper explores the unique challenges that ADC innovation presents, providing actionable insights and opportunities that impact innovation, commercialization, and IP protection in this dynamic field.

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