How formulations data can shorten the time to develop a viable pharmaceutical product

Formulating, a key part of the pharmaceutical value chain, is a critical step in developing an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) into a viable product. Formulators actively research, design, and iterate formulations that validate the efficacy of APIs, improve patient compliance with treatment regimen, and adhere to regulatory requirements. Without a strategic formulating process, an API would never make it into the market.

By utilizing in - depth formulations data, pharmaceutical companies can shorten development timelines, stay ahead of competition , and position themselves for success. Providing formulators with accurate and well - curated information can enable them to focus on innovating new formulation designs rather than spending time on repetitive, tedious activities. The White Paper examines the following aspects of formulations data in pharmaceutics:

  • How formulations data can affect the prescription of a medication.
  • Common challenges in acquiring formulations data, such as time - consuming research, insufficient data, and manual processing of the gathered information.
  • How formulations optimization has led to market expansion via reformulation.
  • How detailed formulations data can positively affect patient compliance to prescribed medication.

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