CAS Culture

How We Operate

At CAS, our employees demonstrate a series of consistent behaviors that have become integral to our success for how we engage with one another as we pursue opportunities and address challenges.

We are committed to maximizing our organization’s economic potential while simultaneously striving for operational excellence and enabling individual professional and personal success.

Employee Engagement

CAS employees participate in regular Employment Engagement Surveys. The feedback is incorporated into action plans to make CAS an even better place to work. We listen; we act.

Learning and Development

To encourage employee growth, we provide a variety of professional development opportunities which include:

  • Career development resources, including leadership training and career pathing
  • A robust learning management system that offers online courses to develop staff skills
  • External conferences and workshops
  • Educational reimbursement programs for college-level coursework and certification programs
  • Professional memberships and subscriptions
  • On-the-job learning opportunities


At CAS, recognizing employees is a part of our culture. All employees are encouraged to nominate their colleagues for annual awards celebrating their contributions, accomplishments and successes. CAS understands the impact of teamwork and recognizes teams that exhibit superior performance and collaboration.  

employee recognition


Community Support and Giving Back

CAS employees are passionate about serving others within their work community and contributing to society. CAS sponsors events, including JDRF One Walk, Corporate Challenge, Bring Your Child to Work Day, holiday events, and group outings. It also organizes community outreach and environmental awareness projects.