CAS Chemical Supplier Insights Category Attribute Table

To maximize exposure of your products, please include some or all of these categories in your CAS Chemical Supplier Insights data submission. 

Use the bold text labels below as your responses to each category

Category Names

Category Labels



  • Maintained in stock - the item is always in stock.
  • Typically in stock - the item is usually in stock and supplier promptly restocks.
  • Limited or intermittent availability - a limited quantity of the item is in stock at the time of catalog update; the supplier may not be able to provide additional quantities. Or, the item is intermittently available.
  • Synthesis on demand - a supplier does not have any quantities of the item in stock at the time of catalog update but is certain they will be able to prepare it upon request.

Ships Within


  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • 8 weeks
  • Over 8 weeks

Purity Category


  • Extremely high - purity ≥99%
  • Very high - purity ≥95% and <99%
  • High - purity ≥90% and <95%
  • Low - purity <90%


  • Yes - for screening compounds. This category may be used if the compound is available in milligram quantities at the time of the catalog update, and the compound can be provided in a format suitable for use in high-throughput-screening (HTS).
  • No

EXP Property

(SD Files Only)

  • Available - If analytical data can be provided upon request. May include NMR, Mass Spectra or IR. Substances new to CAS REGISTRYSM of chemical compounds are not eligible for inclusion in CAS Chemical Supplier Insights without available experimental property data. A sample set of experimental property data may be requested for validation.
  • Not Available