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CAS STNext clusters can accelerate prior art search by accessing multiple curated databases, saving time and ensuring reliable results.
April 24, 2024|
David Saari, Ph.D., shares his thoughts on blending science, law, and technology in IP, highlighting the competitive edge of multidisciplinary expertise.
April 19, 2024|
See key insights on emerging RNA IP trends and possibilities for future innovations in this executive summary.
February 27, 2024|
Executive Summary
The landscape of exosomes has become highly competitive. See all the recent investments, innovations, and commercial opportunities.
February 20, 2024|
Executive Summary
Incomplete prior art searches and analyses can lead to costly mistakes, leaving innovations and the value of intellectual property open to huge risk.
September 26, 2023|
Patentability assessments in scientific industries come with significant challenges due to their complexity. However, CAS has tools designed to address these issues.
September 22, 2023|
Learn how leveraging patent tools and strategies can accelerate your path toward comprehensive searches and stronger insights.
July 24, 2023|
Accelerate and improve the ROI of your IP and R&D initiatives by partnering with an industry and IP expert.
July 14, 2023|
A successful patent landscape analysis can maximize opportunities and de-risk your company's R&D program and other initiatives.
July 7, 2023|
Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) reduces patent application delays, increases patent quality, and optimizes patent office efficiency.
March 23, 2022|
The Journal of Organic Chemistry article "Recent Changes in the Scaffold Diversity of Organic Chemistry As Seen in the CAS Registry" shows the pace of innovation from a structural perspective is accelerating despite the extensive reuse of a relative small number of scaffolds.
October 11, 2019|
Journal Publication
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