Retrosynthesis Planning in SciFinderⁿ

SciFindern cuts time spent in retrosynthesis planning from hours to minutes!

SciFindern will perform a full retrosynthetic analysis of target compounds from the renowned CAS collection of reactions, and present results in an intuitive retrosynthesis plan.

Retrosynthesis route in SciFinder-n

Use the SciFindern Retrosynthesis Planner to:

  • Automatically generate plans to known molecules and key intermediates
  • Explore, navigate, and organize alternative synthesis routes
  • Identify suppliers of commercially available chemicals
  • Share plans with colleagues and decision makers

CAS has also collaborated with John Wiley and Sons, Inc. to deliver more value to chemistry researchers. CAS developed this new experimental retrosynthesis capability, in part, with Wiley’s award-winning ChemPlanner technology.  

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