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SciFinderⁿ Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I login to SciFindern?

A. Simply use your current SciFinder username and password

Q. I’m a student. How do new users get access to SciFindern?

A. New users will need to register for a username by locating the SciFindern registration link on your university’s library databases/products page.

QCan SciFindern be used off campus?

A. SciFindern access is limited to your campus’ IP ranges. However, users can log in from anywhere via the university’s VPN or proxy access.

QI recently migrated my Keep Me Posted (KMP) alerts from SciFinder to SciFindern. Why do I get more (or less) answers in SciFindern than in SciFinder Web?

A. Not all filters applied to KMP alerts in SciFinder will automatically transfer over as alerts in SciFindern. You may need to review and modify your Alert search strategy in SciFinder

QWhy did my Reaction structure searches in SciFindern only return single-step reactions?

A.  Using the “Get Reactions” button in SciFindern from a structure record is going to give the most complete set of reaction answers. This will give you reactions where your compound is present as the product, a reactant, and both single and multi-step reactions.

Get reactions for a substance from SciFinder-n

QWhere did the Advanced Options go for structure searching?

A. SciFindern will generate as many results as possible for your answer set. All the options available in SciFinder (and more) are now available as filters on the results page in SciFindern.

Filters for SciFinder-n structure search results

QWhat does the All Search function in SciFindern do? What types of information can I type into the search box?

A. With the All Search feature, you can enter keywords, CAS Registry Numbers, patent numbers, or accession numbers. The All Search capability will return all substances, references, reactions and suppliers related to the information entered.

SciFinder-n Search All functionality


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