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Syngenta invests in SciFinderⁿ from CAS to enhance research efficiency and bring sustainable agricultural solutions to market faster

January 23, 2020

Columbus, Ohio (January 23, 2020) – CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, announced today that Syngenta, the world’s leader in crop protection products, has signed a multi-year agreement to provide SciFindern to all of its research scientists globally. The newest and most advanced offering in the SciFinder® family of scientific information solutions, SciFindern empowers scientists to quickly find the most relevant, actionable answers for their research questions, enhancing productivity and expediting innovation.

“As a leading global company committed to sustainable agriculture, we are accelerating our innovation to address the increasing challenges faced by farmers around the world and the changing views of society,” says Jérôme Cassayre, Head of Crop Protection Research Chemistry at Syngenta. “Our use of digital technology has the potential to accelerate and reinvent the way we do research and development, leading to better outcomes for both farmers and Syngenta. We are investing in SciFindern because our evaluation demonstrated that it delivered appreciable benefits to our research teams, saving time, improving the quality of literature analysis and enhancing productivity.”

CAS has partnered with Syngenta for many years to support the innovation success of their R&D teams, who have consistently filed more than 100 new patent applications annually for novel chemical and biological entities. The additional content, enhanced workflow features, predictive synthetic design capabilities, and advanced chemistry relevance engine in SciFindern have been proven to help scientists accomplish key research tasks at least 50% faster, empowering Syngenta to further accelerate their pipeline.

“CAS values our long-standing partnership with Syngenta and applauds their commitment to innovation and sustainable agriculture,” said Craig Stephens, Chief Customer Officer at CAS. “The new content and features in SciFindern, including the predictive synthetic planning capabilities, chemically annotated full-text patents and step-by-step synthetic methods, will have a measurable impact on the speed at which Syngenta can deliver new solutions to address urgent global challenges.”

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