Speed Synthetic Planning

Cut your synthetic planning time in half with CAS SciFindern.*

* CAS SciFindern Productivity Survey 2020

Cut your synthetic planning time in half with CAS SciFindern.*

* CAS SciFindern Productivity Survey 2020


Perform full retrosynthetic analyses

Being successful in the lab requires a great synthetic plan. Your chemists are juggling many variables, especially when devising routes to novel compounds with no literature-based precedent. 

For both known and unknown molecules, CAS SciFindern will perform a full retrosynthetic analysis powered by the renowned CAS collection of reactions, cutting your synthetic planning time in half*. Diverse synthetic routes combine steps from the literature and predicted steps based on rules trained on our full set of reactions. 

Search and scoring parameters can be customized to fit specific requirements of the synthesis and the plan is easily navigated to evaluate alternative routes. Each plan also offers quick access to relevant literature, information on material suppliers, step-by-step methods curated by experts, product yields, and more. 

Looking to optimize your internal synthesis planning models? Learn how high-quality reaction data from CAS can help.

Synthesis planning in CAS SciFinder
Once your plan is created, you have further control over the scope of the retrosynthesis with scoring profiles


Experimental procedures in CAS SciFinder reaction search results
Take step-by-step instructions directly to the lab.


*CAS SciFindern Productivity Survey 2020 

Retrosynthesis is a literal nightmare without CAS SciFindern.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 160-622-AA7

Jelena Markovic
Faculty Member
University of Belgrade