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With CAS SciFindern, uncover connections you can’t see anywhere else.


With CAS SciFindern, uncover connections you can’t see anywhere else.

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Search and analyze millions of sequences


Gain relevant, actionable insights to inform your molecular biology research.

Analyze and connect protein and nucleic acid sequences with related references from top sources, including PubMed and the CAS Content Collection™– all with a single query. 


Experience comprehensive sequence and patent collections

Integrated with the world’s most comprehensive collection of chemical reactions, substances, and indexed scientific literature, CAS SciFindern provides one of the largest, most comprehensive collections of protein and nucleic acid sequences as well as modified peptides and small nucleotides. 

In addition to public datasets like those from NCBI and extensive datasets from global patents, the CAS sequences collection includes millions of human curated and indexed sequences from non-patent literature, including over 12,000 scientific journals, not found in other databases. The collection also contains a large number of biologics/biopharmaceutical sequences such as antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, recombinant fusion proteins, gene/cell therapy products, vaccines and siRNAs, as well as therapeutic or diagnostic sequences registered by customer request via CAS Registry ServicesSM.

Many sequences are expertly annotated by CAS scientists to capture information on chemical modifications, sequence origin, function, gene designation, variant and isoform information, with important synonyms such as trivial names, trade names and lab codes also added. You can also search bioactivity and target indicator data for drug-like substances including both small molecules and biologics.

Not only does CAS SciFindern offer the most comprehensive patent collection related to biologic drug discovery, it has one of the largest collections of scientific journal records, including PubMed’s biomedical and life science articles and abstracts. With value-added indexing by CAS scientists including cited and citing references and direct links to full-text publications (where available), you can uncover connections between sequences and patent and non-patent literature that you won’t see anywhere else. Because you never know where your next inspiration will come from.

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