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CAS Future Leaders: Driving scientific community engagement across Malaysia

Have you heard about CAS Future Leaders? Since 2010, the program has provided early-career scientists with essential scientific, business and leadership training to help them make meaningful impacts in science. We're sharing "where are they now" stories written by our program alumni. This week's post features two alumni collaborating to elevate the scientific community in Malaysia, Felicia Lim (2018) and Magaret Sivapragasam (2017).

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From T to key: The changing shape of today's innovation workforce

While there will always be need for I- and T-shaped professionals, most professionals today can't count on being really good at one thing to succeed. Organizations are increasingly seeking key-shaped candidates when recruiting new talent. So, how can individuals and organizations across industries become more key-shaped?

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CAS convenes life sciences advisory board to reimagine the future of scientific discovery

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specializing in scientific information solutions, announced today its CAS Life Sciences Advisory Board. The board comprises a world-class panel of global thought leaders, directing the CAS scientific journey to align authoritative content with groundbreaking predictive technologies that span the spectrum of life sciences workflows

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CAS IQVIA webinar in the CPhI series

Impact of COVID-19: AI and Machine Learning Solutions

As part of the CPhI webinar series, CAS and IQVIA join forces to deliver insights into optimizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for predictive analytics, clinical trials and drug discovery in response to COVID-19.

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CAS COVID-19 Antiviral Candidate SAR Dataset

This open source dataset contains over 290K structure-activity relationship (SAR) data directed at COVID-19 protein, virus and disease targets reported in the literature, patents, and other public sources for over 9K of the substances included in the CAS COVID-19 Antiviral Candidate Compounds Dataset.

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CAS COVID-19 Dataset Properties

The CAS Covid-19 dataset has been extracted from the CAS REGISTRY® including known anti-viral drugs and related chemical compounds that are structurally similar to known antivirals and is subject to these license terms.

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