Explore the IP Landscape & Spark Innovation with CAS Scientific Patent Explorer

With today’s accelerated pace of innovation, IP search demands are evolving. CAS Scientific Patent Explorer helps you search confidently and accelerate your R&D by connecting you to trusted scientific content and patent information in one intuitive solution.

Whether you want to evaluate risks and opportunities, explore trends, or understand the landscape surrounding a promising innovation, CAS Scientific Patent Explorer can connect you to critical insights.


What you will learn

In this session, we’ll share some key features of CAS Scientific Patent Explorer and give you a preview of how you can utilize this platform to:

  • Search a wide array of patent content using both text and chemical structures.
  • Use built-in analysis and visualization features to identify trends in patent assignee, application year, classification code, geographic distribution, and more.
  • Leverage CAS’ proprietary indexing of related patents for keywords, substances, formulations, and reactions.
  • Create and share deep insights with key stakeholders.
Date & Time

Thursday, April 20, 2023

11:00am – 12:00pm EDT


United States