Curating Smarter IP Insights with CAS Scientific Patent Explorer

With today’s accelerated pace of innovation, IP search demands are evolving. CAS Scientific Patent Explorer offers a unique solution to enable powerful and precise patent searching within an expansive collection of trusted content. 

Whether you are reviewing the landscape or analyzing the competitive space for innovation opportunities, CAS Scientific Patent Explorer can connect you to critical information and insights to support your research and growth goals.


What You Will Learn

this session, we’ll share some key features of CAS Scientific Patent Explorer, and give you a preview into how you can utilize this platform to:

  • Analyze the landscape to discover patentability and trends
  • Identify relevant prior art, assess overlaps, and evaluate risk
  • Confirm ownership and status, or evaluate the strength and enforceability of coverage
  • Identify and assess potential partnerships or licensing prospects
  • Create and share deep insights with key stakeholders


Written By

Todd Chamberlain

Product Manager, CAS

Todd assumed leadership as Product Manager for CAS Scientific Patent Explorer in November 2021.  Todd has a background in technology with 26 years of experience in software product solutions overall, and 15 years of experience in CAS products. Todd is located in Columbus, Ohio and has Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences.  

Written By

John Kratunis

Manager, Customer Success Specialists, CAS

John is the manager of the CAS Customer Success Specialists team in North America.  He has worked for over 30 years in scientific information management, including nearly 18 years at CAS.  John is based in Hockessin, Delaware, and has Masters Degrees in Organic Chemistry and Marketing.

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