CAS STNext® Webinar ReaxysFileSub: Introducing new property and reaction additions

ReaxysFileSub, in addition to its vast collection of chemical structures, now also includes up-to-date properties and reaction information as a complement to other collections on CAS STNext, such as CAS REGISTRY® and the Derwent Chemical Resource (DCR). Join us as we share how to obtain this information and use it in conjunction with the corresponding bibliographic database, ReaxysFileBib. 


What you will learn

  • How to search and display properties like melting point or spectroscopic data in ReaxysFileSub. 
  • How to search and display reactions such as preparation of a specific substance. 
  • General information on how to find bibliographic information after a substance search in ReaxysFileSub. 


Written By

Sarah Stokes

Senior Product Specialist, FIZ Karlsruhe

Sarah Stokes has been involved with the global STN organization since 2003. They have served as a librarian searcher for the US government, an applications specialist at CAS, a patent analyst at Landon IP, a regional manager and trainer for FIZ Karlsruhe, and now as a Senior Product Specialist focusing on Intellectual Property. Sarah’s academic background is in biochemistry and epidemiology.