CAS STNext® Coffee Lecture: Boost efficiency with CAS PatentPak®

CAS PatentPak, integrated in CAS STNext, saves users valuable time during patent research by providing seamless, efficient access to full-text patents and pinpointing hard-to-find chemistry information.

In this coffee lecture, we will share some tips and best practices for using CAS PatentPak to boost your efficiency, support more comprehensive retrieval and analysis, and share key insights with other IP stakeholders.


What you will learn

  • How to leverage access to searchable full-text patents instantly from patent offices around the world
  • How to pinpoint the specific location of chemical substances in the patent text with a single click
  • Tips for downloading full-text documents with CAS expert annotation
  • Best practices for displaying PatentPak links and sharing annotated full texts with other IP stakeholders


Written By

Jan Baur

Customer Success Specialists, ACS International

Jan provides expert training related to CAS’ scientific and IP information solutions and has been working with CAS data since 2010 at different institutions. Jan holds degrees in Biology and Economical Geography and Economics.