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Biomedicine, batteries, and more could be revolutionized by carbon nanotubes. See the full range of their applications.
June 21, 2024|
Executive Summary
This detailed technical report, published in collaboration with Westlake University, discusses the biomaterials landscape and how this field is rapidly changing.
June 18, 2024|
Insights Report
See how self-healing materials that include reversible chemical bonds are reshaping wound care, drug delivery & tissue regeneration in our latest landscape analysis.
June 7, 2024|
Nanoscale materials are bridging the gap between nanotechnology and bioelectronics, paving the way for highly sensitive biosensors.
May 13, 2024|
Unlock the potential of nanotechnology. Explore breakthroughs and challenges in energy, biomedicine, and more in our executive summary.
May 3, 2024|
Insights Report
This biomaterials Insights Report explores eight key areas transforming healthcare with self-healing implants, targeted drug delivery, and more.
April 24, 2024|
Insights Report
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) hold immense promise for batteries, composites, sensors, and more. Discover emerging trends on overcoming challenges and cutting edge applications.
March 29, 2024|
Single-walled carbon nanotubes have great potential in several industries from renewable energy to drug delivery.
October 25, 2023|
Biopolymers, or bio-derived polymers, are generated from renewable sources, which fix atmospheric CO2 and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
May 2, 2022|
CAS enables views into past journal and patent publications for lithium-ion battery recycling, including processes, emerging trends, and global challenges.
December 21, 2021|
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