The University of Hyogo Chooses SciFinder from CAS To Accelerate Scientific Research and Engineering Education In Japan

Hyogo becomes the first academic institution in Japan leveraging SciFindern to educate its students and empower research.

Columbus, Ohio (November 13, 2018) – CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society is partnering with the University of Hyogo to provide SciFindern to its student population.  SciFindern provides the most relevant scientific information across the expansive content collection from CAS.

“SciFindern dramatically reduces time spent sifting through scientific information, leveraging human curation, the latest innovations in technology and cognitive computing to redefine the research process,” said Dr. Matthew J. Toussant, Senior Vice President of Product and Content Operations for CAS.

With SciFindern, reactions, substances and references can now be searched at the same time.  The most relevant results are returned with the first search, thanks to the best chemical relevancy engine and powerful, comprehensive filters that streamline the researcher workflow.

"SciFindern empowers students to identify new themes and explore compounds more quickly and reliably, furthering development of research on materials at our university,” said Dr. Yoshihiro Kawatsuki, Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo.   “We were able to introduce SciFindern thanks to the efforts of our faculty and staff across the Science and Engineering team, and I am confident our undergrad and graduate students will grow as researchers through use of SciFindern.”

“CAS has a long-standing commitment to advancing research in Japan,” said Toussant.  “We are delighted the University of Hyogo has chosen SciFindern to attract and retain the best and brightest science and engineering students in a competitive global education market.”

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兵庫県立大学、日本の科学研究と工学教育の促進のためにSciFinderを導入 兵庫県立大学が教育と研究促進のためにSciFinderを利用する日本で最初の学術機関に  (PDF) 


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