Structurally Novel Small Molecule Drugs Outperformed in 2020 – Infographic

Download this CAS infographic to see structures and information about new structurally novel small molecule drugs approved by the FDA in 2020.


2020 年结构新颖的小分子药物表现突出 - 信息图

下载此 CAS 信息图,查看有关 2020 年 FDA 批准的结构新颖的小分子新药的结构和信息。


Tracking COVID-19 Testing Technology - Infographic

This COVID-19 Testing Technology infographic summarizes both the key characteristics and benefits of the technologies needed, and the leading assay technologies currently in use for virus, antibody, or antigen detection.


Seguimiento de la tecnología utilizada en las pruebas de detección de COVID-19 - Infografía

Esta infografía sobre la tecnología utilizada en las pruebas de COVID-19 resume las principales características y beneficios de las tecnologías necesarias y los principales métodos de las pruebas que se usan actualmente para la detección de virus, anticuerpos o antígenos.


COVID-19テスト技術の追跡 - インフォグラフィック



Rastreamento das tecnologias de testes para COVID-19 - Infográfico

Este infográfico sobre as tecnologias de testes para COVID-19 resume as principais características e benefícios das tecnologias necessárias e as principais tecnologias de ensaio atualmente em uso na detecção do vírus, anticorpos ou antígenos.


跟踪 Covid-19 检测技术 - 信息图

此 COVID-19 检测技术信息图总结了所需技术的关键特征和优势,以及当前用于检测病毒、抗体或抗原的先进分析技术。


Formulus Infographic - Tackling the Formulator's Challenge

Studies suggest 30% of overall R&D costs relate to product development. Human-curated research tools like Formulus remove hurdles to allow formulators to do what they do best, focus on innovating.


Identifying Under-Explored Targets for IBD-Poster