Date & Time

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

9:00am – 10:00am EDT


AI-Powered Prior Art Analysis on CAS STNext

CAS has developed an AI-based prior art search technology, which is now available in CAS STNext®. The Prior Art Analysis generates a set of relevant patent and non-patent literature references published prior to the starting patent document. 




This webinar considers subsequent analysis of the prior art results for insight into the searched technology and discovery of new search terms, as well as a brief overview of the latest CAS STNext features, followed by demonstrations and examples of the tool in CAS STNext. 

Use cases will consider analysis of CA Concepts, CAS Registry Numbers®, patent classifications, and more. Learn how the AI-based Prior Art Analysis may provide new options for your patent search. 


Written By

Kathy Van der Herten

Director Product Management/CAS

Kathy joined CAS in January 2021 as Director of Product Management for the IP solutions portfolio. Kathy has worked in IP for more than 20 years, both in trademarks and patents, and is based in Belgium.

Written By

Mike Axton

Customer Success Specialist/CAS

As a Customer Success Specialist, Mike supports federal accounts in North America with CAS STNext® and other CAS solution-oriented training. He has 8 years’ experience as a patent search specialist with strong expertise in scientific information retrieval, including chemistry, biotechnology and materials science. Mike is located near Washington DC and has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. 

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CAS at K 2022

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