Be on the leading edge of innovation

As a member of the CAS tech team, you will help design world-class, proprietary scientific information solutions to empower organizations and scientists around the globe.

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A group of CAS employees looking at a window wall full of postit notes, collaborating.

Join a team of innovators and problem-solvers

You will partner with scientists and business professionals across the company who are passionate about bettering people's lives through our solutions.

Express yourself in our collaborative culture

Our tech team is dynamic, passionate, and welcoming. The open area invites you to converse with other confident innovators who are ready to help you learn new skills every day.

Take your career into your hands

You are in the driver’s seat for your development. Learn to use tools like AWS, Java, and Hadoop from the most brilliant minds in tech, grow your career inside and outside the department, and get access to industry-leading benefits that put our team members first.

Explore tech opportunities
Three CAS tech employees in a server room.

Begin your journey with TechTAP

The Technology Talent Acceleration Program (TechTAP) is designed to introduce early-career professionals to multiple tech areas within CAS. Develop your skills with specialized training, workshops, and coaching to accelerate your future career.

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Michaela Vojta
"CAS is a great place to work you get support from leadership, you get coaching from your mentor, and your team is like your second family."
—Michaela Vojta, Security Analyst Enterprise Information Security
"Not only is there a diversity of opportunities here but the scale of diversity is amazing... At CAS, the next opportunity is right across the hall."
—Thomas LaStrange, Software Engineer
Thomas LaStrange in a brightly lit office wearing a blue polo with his arms crossed across his chest.