Academic Researcher FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to register for CAS SciFindern if I previously registered for CAS SciFinder®?
If your organization subscribes to CAS SciFindern, you can access it with your existing username and password.

Where should I go to register if I am new to CAS SciFindern?
The CAS SciFindern registration link should be available on your organization’s library website. If you are unable to find the link, contact your organization’s librarian or the CAS Customer Center.

What information is required for me to register?
New users must provide their first and last name and their organization-issued email address. 

Where should I go to log in to CAS SciFindern?
Log in with your username and password at or via the link provided on your organization’s library website. For easy access, bookmark this URL in your preferred web browser.


What are the primary advantages to using CAS SciFindern over CAS SciFinder?
With CAS SciFindern, the most advanced offering from CAS, you can access:

  • Relevance scoring of reference results
  • Enhanced workflow tools (e.g., live search history, auto-suggested search queries, multi-tab browsing)
  • Experimental and predictive retrosynthetic analysis for known and novel substances
  • Protein and nucleic acid sequence searching (BLAST, CDR, and Motif)
  • Touchscreen-enabled structure drawing with ChemDoodle
  • Enhanced, visual citation mapping (i.e., references citing and cited by)
  • Substance and sequence search results visualization with Chemscape and Bioscape Analysis
  • Enhanced view and navigation of full-text patents with PatentPak®
  • Detailed synthetic methods
  • Searchable NMR spectra
  • Extended experimental spectra coverage

Can CAS SciFindern benefit researchers who are not in the chemistry department?
Yes! CAS SciFindern covers the scientific literature well beyond chemistry (e.g., engineering, medicine, materials), including all of the biomedical literature in PubMed (from the National Center for Biotechnology Information), and new sequence searching will be particularly relevant to biologists. Feel free to tell your colleagues and collaborators in the life sciences and beyond about CAS SciFindern.

Where can I find the latest technical information about CAS SciFindern (e.g., system requirements, What’s New)?
This information can be found in the About SciFindern section of the in-product Help.

Are there any scheduled downtimes for system maintenance?
No, you can access CAS SciFindern at any time.

Are there any limits to how CAS SciFindern can be used?
CAS SciFindern must be used solely for academic research. For additional information, refer to the CAS SciFindern Terms of Use for Academic Users or contact your CAS representative, as terms may vary in certain countries.

Where can I find CAS SciFindern training materials?
New users should start with the Quick Reference Guide. For additional on-demand support materials, refer to CAS SciFindern Training and the in-product Help.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
Please see our FAQs for CAS SciFindern, or contact your organization’s librarian or the CAS Customer Center.