Academic Key Contact FAQ

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions from key contacts at academic institutions around the globe. You will also find solution descriptions and a downloadable CAS logo that you can post on your website alongside login information for your research community.

Registration and login

Where should registered users go to log in to CAS Solutions?

Who should I contact with questions about user access or setting up a proxy?

Where should new users in my research community go to register for CAS SciFinder?

What information is required for new users to register?

Is there a different custom registration URL for the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform (if we previously purchased CAS SciFinder)?

Do existing CAS SciFinder users need to register for other solutions found in the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform?


How is CAS SciFinder access limited related to the research community at my organization?

Where do I go to set up full-text customizations (e.g., direct linking options, update journal lists, in-house options)?

How should I list CAS SciFinder on our library website?

Am I able to provide information about other solutions within the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform on my library website?

Where can I get usage data for registered users at my institution?

Using CAS SciFinder and other CAS solutions

Do you have any materials that I can use to promote CAS SciFinder or other solutions that comprise the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform to the research community at my organization?

Where can I find CAS SciFinder  training materials?

How can users activate ChemDraw within CAS SciFinder?

Where can I find the latest technical information about CAS SciFinder (e.g., system requirements, What’s New)?

Do you have scheduled downtimes for system maintenance?

Are there any limits to how CAS SciFinder can be used?

Can CAS SciFinder and the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform benefit researchers who are not in the chemistry department?

Who should I have my users contact if they have additional questions?