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Sifting through thousands of patent pages looking for specific chemical structures costs valuable time. PatentPak in CAS STNext takes you straight to the chemical substance of interest. This allows you to be more efficient and enables you to find and review full-text patents in half the time.

Now’s a great time to try PatentPak in CAS STNext, with access to ~18 million patents from 46 patent authorities worldwide.

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Go straight from STN to relevant chemistry in full-text patent

Display the HITPPAK field for records in CAplusSM and click on the CAS Registry Number® of interest to access PatentPak.

PatentPak in STNext, HITPPAK field

Click the page number and the Interactive Viewer will open directly to the page where the substance is indexed.

PatentPak in STNext interactive viewer select page

For PatentPak subscribers, access to PatentPak content is presented immediately under title. In this example, the original patent PDF as well as the annotated PDF and Interactive Viewer are available.

Display PatentPak PDF options in STNext

Access original PDFs and quickly locate substance of interest

A table showing a subset of the patent family that has PatentPak support is provided.  With the ALL DISPLAY, it is seen immediately under the abstract.  

PatentPak in STNext, patent family display

The PatentPak Interactive Viewer Substance Panel can help identify chemical substances. When the location marker is selected, the substance panel navigates as necessary and highlights the selected location marker for substance indexed. 

PatentPak in STNext substance panel

Beyond generic author references to chemical substances, the substance panel structure image is a valuable aid to understanding the patent content.

PatentPak in STNext, structure from author name

Share original PDFs and substance tables with colleagues

You can download the full-text PDF of patents for printing and sharing – the PDF also includes a table of all key substances and patent locations.

PatentPak in STNext - patent front page

Share the substance table with other stakeholders – no STN login is required.

Substance table in PatentPak in STNext

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