Application instructions for CAS Chemical Supplier Insights℠

To be considered for inclusion in CAS Chemical Supplier Insights

  1. Contact the CAS Customer Center to express your interest. A representative will contact you to begin the vetting process.
  2. Go to CAS Chemical Supplier Insights Supplier Data Submission to determine if your products are acceptable for CAS Chemical Supplier Insights and to find information on preparing and submitting your chemical catalog for consideration.
  3. Consider additional options available for purchase that include: Featured Listings, Company Logo, CAS Registry Number Service and/or professional services provided by CAS IP Services℠.
  4. Agree to the annual participation fee.
  5. E-mail your catalog information to For large files, contact us for access to our FTP site.
  6. Submit general company contact information for ordering your products:
  • Company name
  • Address(es) [multiple locations or distributors may be included]
  • Phone number(s)
  • E-mail
  • Website
  • Fax (optional)

Suppliers that participate in CAS Chemical Supplier Insights must keep their catalog current by regularly submitting revised list/contact information.

CAS reserves the right to review and approve all requests for inclusion in CAS Chemical Supplier Insights.