CAS Chemical Supplier Insights - Submitting Substance Information in an Excel File

Information about chemicals from your catalog can be submitted to CAS Chemical Supplier Insights in an Excel file.

Each record should contain:

  • Chemical name (required)
  • CAS Registry Number® 
  • Unique catalog or order number

To maximize visibility in CAS SciFindern, the following product details are strongly encouraged:

  • Availability (Maintained in stock, Typically in stock, Limited or intermittent availability, Synthesis on demand) 
  • Ships Within (1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, Over 8 weeks) 
  • Price
  • Quantity

(see the CAS Chemical Supplier Insights Category Attribute Table for details)

Please send your Excel file in a format similar to the illustration below or click to download the CAS Chemical Supplier Insights Excel template:

Example of a CHEMCATS substance data submission in Excel format

  • Each item is contained in one row with one column dedicated to a particular data type.
  • If multiple pieces of information are to be contained in a cell, use a bar ( | ) to delimit each new piece of information (see example above).
  • For price and quantity information, only include one price per quantity of product.
  • Before importing CAS Registry Numbers into Microsoft Excel, make sure the column-data format is selected as "Text" to avoid the problem of CAS RNs turning into dates.
  • If your CAS Registry Numbers are converted to date-format in Microsoft Excel while typing (ex. 2017-11-4 appears as 11/4/2017), place a single quote before the CAS Registry Number in your spreadsheet to prevent erroneous auto-formatting.
  • Do not use special characters such as Greek, Chinese or Japanese characters, special chemical symbols, trademark or copyright characters, etc.  Instead of special characters, write out the text equivalent for such characters.
  • Do not send files with images.

Please note: Suppliers with large catalogs may be required to submit information using the SDF format.

Please contact us if you have further questions.