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How CAS Repaired Incorrect Internal Data to Accelerate R&D Growth and Reduce Annual Expenses

Every day, a large chemical company adds more than 800 new substances to isolated databases. Information such as chemical names, synonyms, structures and identifiers were not standardized. This impeded its ability to create first-to-market products.

Through a partnership with CAS, the company was able to increase the reliability of their internal data. New entries were added without manual input, leading to greater efficiency and accuracy. Read the case study to see how using CAS REGISTRY® and CAS Registry Numbers® gave the chemical company the following benefits:

  • A projected annual savings of more than $800,000
  • Repairing of incorrect data for more accurate results
  • Annual saved time of 3300 hours for end-users
  • A new data management framework to accelerate R&D


Download the case study

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