Driving Innovation with Data: Preserving Brazil’s Biodiversity

preserving biodiversity through data

Home to approximately 20% of all species on the planet, Brazil offers enormous potential in the search for bioactive compounds used in drug discovery, medicine, cosmetics and nutrition, among other industries.  Yet this rich biodiversity is underexplored due to the lack of organized information.  “Giving scientists seamless access to this information is important for the advancement of science and technology,” says Dr. Vanderlan Bolzani, Professor at the Institute of Chemistry of the São Paulo State University (IQ-UNESP).

See how CAS partnered with natural product researchers in Brazil to build an accessible data collection, representing over 54,000 substances. 

An attractive source of information for the scientific community, the NuBBE Database compiles natural products isolated from Brazilian biodiversity and provides information on chemical, biological and pharmacological data.  Scientists are enabled to search for, screen and compare the chemistry of natural, bioactive compounds, with relevant information retrieved and presented in an organized manner.


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