CAS SciFinder-n Key Contacts

Key Contacts and Administrators are primary contacts between their organizations and CAS in the administration of CAS SciFindern . If you are new to the role of Key Contact, here is a brief FAQ list to help you in that position.

Q. What tools are available to help me administer SciFinder?

A. The CAS Customer Portal provides Administrators access to software, documentation and tools for user registration and usage reporting. myCAS also provides individual users with access to their contact and sign-in information. Use your SciFinder user ID and password to sign-in to the CAS Customer Portal.

Q. What kind of training opportunities and materials are available for me and my users?

A.  The CAS SciFindern Training page provides links to key training materials. Help is available from within SciFinder and is a great source for step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

Q. Are there materials available to help me promote CAS SciFindern within my organization?

A. Yes, there are, but types of material and quantities can vary. Please email inquiries and requests to

Q. If I have a question or concern who should I contact?

A. Although you can contact your CAS Sales representative, the CAS Customer Center can handle or route all account, technical, or search strategy questions.

Q. Can I access CAS SciFindern from outside my organization’s network?

A. The majority of commercial and government customers may access CAS SciFindern anywhere that internet access or a data connection is available. Academic users have remote access to CAS SciFindern through either VPN or EZProxy. (VPN or EZProxy access needs to be requested from your school)

Q. How do I establish user credentials for my organization?

A. Key contacts from commercial and government organizations have two options:

  • CAS can set up usernames and passwords for you
  • You can create usernames and passwords yourself at the CAS Customer portal (

Academic key contacts must set up a CAS SciFindern registration site that will allow users to self-register for their credentials. 

It’s quite simple; for instructions see the following guides:

Q. If my end users or I have a suggestion for improving CAS SciFindern, how do we provide that feedback?

A.  Feedback and suggestions can be submitted via the General Comment form option (below), and all customers are invited to participate in customer research activities such as user surveys and discussion groups. You can also use the Contact Us button found at the bottom of CAS SciFindern product pages.