SciFinder Features

SciFinder® is a complete chemistry information resource that allows you to make better, more confident decisions from the start to the finish of your research project.

  • Explore – Easily find relevant substances, reactions or references in the world’s most trusted and comprehensive collection of chemistry and scientific information using a wide variety of search techniques.
  • Focus – Save time and effort using Sort, Analyze and Refine tools to quickly filter your answer set and find the best answers to your scientific questions.
  • Plan – Efficiently visualize projects, design a synthesis plan, and easily manage and organize search results using SciPlanner’s interactive workspace before heading to the lab or sharing with colleagues.
  • Share – Collaborate with colleagues, share links and increase productivity with the ability to customize how you and others see your search results with multiple options to save, print and export.
  • Stay current and competitive – Quickly add search topics to create Keep Me Posted alerts for convenient access to the latest research in your area of interest.
  • Convenient access – Unlimited access, anytime, anywhere.

    SciFinder search tools make it easier for you to access the world’s most reliable and largest collection of substances, reactions and references (from patents and journals).

    Power of SciFinder at your finger tips!