Reporting SciFinder Theft Helps Reduce Everyone's Cost

SciFinder theft occurs whenever someone uses SciFinder credentials that have been assigned to another person or organization.  Examples include unauthorized access or "piracy" such as hijacked academic SciFinder seats and university e-mail addresses and commercial use of SciFinder with a university account.

SciFinder theft increases costs to the scientific community and is detrimental to customers, CAS, and the progress of science.  It denies legitimate SciFinder users the access to resources that have been paid for by their organizations.  CAS takes incidents of theft seriously and investigates thoroughly all reports received.

To report theft, please e-mail or call 1-888-534-1335.  Unless you indicate otherwise, your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

For further information, please see the CAS Privacy Statement and the SciFinder Secure Access Checklist for academic customers.

We appreciate your assistance,