How The STN Keep and Share Program Works


Archiving and redistribution costs per record vary per database. In STN classic interfaces, enter HELP COST in the database of interest to see current pricing. Keep & Share is not currently available for new STN.  Costs incurred for archiving and redistribution are covered under the STN® Global Value Pricing Plan.

For pricing plans that do not include Keep & Share, the cost to purchase the archival or redistribution rights for STN search results is a flat surcharge per record. This cost is calculated by taking the fee for the ALL display format of the record times a pricing multiplier determined by the number of "copies" or "users" requested.

Enter HELP COST within the desired database online to see a list of the per record ARCHIVE and REDISTRIBUTE surcharges for the database.

The charges for ARCHIVE and REDISTRIBUTE are rolled into the DISPLAY charges when you enter D COST online.

To view the detailed DISPLAY, ARCHIVE and REDISTRIBUTE charges, either enter DISPLAY COST BRIEF (detailed charges for the current file) or DISPLAY COST FULL (detailed charges for all files in your online session).

Make sure to check HELP USAGETERMS within databases of interest to determine whether there is a maximum time that you can archive records.

Excluded from the Program

The STN Information Keep and Share ProgramSM does not cover:

  • Distribution of search results outside of your organization, in most cases. Needs in this area should be discussed directly with the relevant database producers. See the Database Summary Sheets for database producer contact information.
  • The creation of derivative works from STN search results for resale or other commercial use. Contact the database producer(s) to make arrangements for these types of activities.

IMPORTANT: Any use of STN data not permitted by the database producer as documented in HELP USAGETERMS, or via the STN Information Keep & Share Program, is prohibited without prior express information from the database producer.

If you have questions about your pricing plan or how to use the Keep & Share program, please contact the CAS Customer Center.


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