STN Information Keep & Share Program

Program Overview

The STN Information Keep & Share ProgramSM is designed to provide users with the ability to easily share and re-use STN® search results with colleagues throughout their organizations. The program provides the ability to:

  • Keep (archive) STN search results for future electronic access by you and others within your organization
  • Share (redistribute) electronic or paper copies of STN search results with others within your organization

  Download the STN Information Keep & Share User Guide (PDF)


Keep & Share makes obtaining rights to reuse STN search results simple, by being:

  • Easy to use - simple licensing procedure applies to most STN databases
  • Efficient - license archiving and redistribution rights from multiple STN database producers in minutes
  • Convenient - purchase license rights while searching or after your search is complete
  • Documented - your use of the STN Information Keep & Share Program documents your compliance with STN database license results

Additional Resources

The following resources are available to support archiving and/or redistributing STN search results: