Creativity in SciFinderⁿ

Preparation and opportunity

SciFinderⁿ provides the opportunity to be prepared for research success. Many scientific breakthroughs can take years of research and development to come to fruition. Overcoming setbacks and dead ends in research are cases most scientists encounter in their careers. 

Sometimes a serendipitous discovery might provide an inflection point or can propel a final push (Although, it was nearly a decade between the discovery of penicillin and its availability for use in humans!). However, most ‘aha!’ moments tend to occur when a scientific researcher is prepared with the knowledge to recognize an opportunity when presented with a fact or important piece of information. 

SciFinderⁿ gives scientists the opportunity to find facts and important information to inform their research.

How SciFinderⁿ aids preparation for creativity and discovery

SciFinderⁿ enables scientists to perform more efficient research in less time. It helps to better prepare the researcher with:

  • A comprehensive content collection that provides a single point of access to substance, property, reaction and reference information (including direct access to full text patents), to speed literature search and information gathering.
  • A world class, chemically intelligent relevance engine to focus on and pinpoint the most relevant information, quickly.
  • Unlimited access to empower organizations that can help catalyze interdisciplinary sharing and collaboration.

So whether it is finding a functional group in a compound to deliver a desired structure activity relationship, identifying a reaction that can provide higher yields on a large scale or fostering the interdisciplinary collaboration needed to speed a patent application, SciFinderⁿ will prepare researchers for the next  ‘aha!’ moment!

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