The nexus of IP and R&D: Building greater collaboration to drive innovation

The transformation of intellectual property (IP) management within commercial companies is driving the adoption of new practices and technologies to more closely align IP objectives with growth strategies. Nowhere is that more critical than at the nexus of IP and R&D, where organizations are applying IP insights to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and identify potential risks to commercialization earlier in the product lifecycle.

Missing critical IP information during R&D can lead to misallocated resources, potential patent entanglements downstream, and delays in commercialization.

In this recorded webinar with IPWatchdog, you will gain important insights into ways you can improve the use of IP information to guide R&D:

  • Solutions to challenges facing R&D and IP managers in sharing IP information
  • How companies are collaborating to improve decision-making with IP insights
  • Effective strategies for applying IP insights throughout the R&D process
  • Key insights to clarify investment directions and mitigate risks

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