Innovation Incubator FAQ

Who is the CAS Innovation Incubator open to?

All early-stage organizations who are attempting to address scientific-based challenges.  Preference will be given to applicants who have already formed a legal entity (corporation, LLC, etc.), although we will accept applications from individual entrepreneurs from commercial and academic sectors 

What sort of challenges does CAS want to support?

All challenges which are scientific in nature and can ultimately improve peoples’ lives.  Particular focus will be given to opportunities surrounding chemistry, life sciences and materials sciences; along with the intersection of technology (eg machine learning, AI, etc.).  

How will selections be made?

The CAS Innovation Incubator team uses at a variety of factors, including but not limited to: 

  1. Is the organization attempting to solve a problem or challenge that is faced by multiple scientists or scientific organizations? 
  2. Does the organization have a viable solution envisioned that will address this significant problem? 
  3. Does the team have the right combination of skills & experiences to build the anticipated solution? 
  4. If successfully executed, is this financially viable solution?   
What will be the process after I submit my application?

All applications will be screened by the team at CAS.  For those selected to move forward, you can expect further data and information requests from our team within weeks of application.  From there, we’ll engage in a series of conversations with you and your partners about your organization, your approach, what you are requesting from CAS, and whether our organizations will be productive partners. 

Can individuals from academia apply?

Yes.  However before making any investment decisions, CAS will need to understand whether the underlying intellectual property is legally owned by the individual or academic institution.  For this reason, academic applicants are encouraged to discuss with your institution’s commercialization office before applying. 

How much equity is CAS seeking?

This will also vary based on previous financing rounds, how much assistance is required from CAS, and any partners involved.

Is there a deadline to apply?

No.  CAS will review applications as they are received. 


If you have more questions not answered on this page. Please contact