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Harness the wealth of existing knowledge—bioactivity data, ADMET data, sequences, and more—as well as predictive tools to make connections and deepen insights for faster drug discovery.


Find comprehensive data to guide drug discovery decision-making


Building on more than 100 years of experience as the world’s most trusted source for indexed and standardized chemistry information, CAS is expanding our human-curated content to include key data and capabilities relevant to drug discovery programs.

Partner with us to solve your unique problems using our comprehensive data and solutions to guide drug discovery decision-making. Our solutions currently include sequence information and bioactivity data—including from SAR and ADMET studies—with molecular biomarker and mammalian pathway data coming in 2023.

In 2023, this data and more will also be accessible through a software solution similar to CAS SciFindern but with an interface optimized for drug discovery workflows.

Our goal is to empower every aspect of drug discovery across scientific disciplines, including biology, and this expansion reflects a historic milestone on our path to accelerate life sciences research.

Manuel Guzman CAS President


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Challenges and opportunities in protein function prediction for drug discovery

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Challenges and opportunities in sequence analysis during drug discovery

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Challenges and opportunities in structure-activity-relationship studies

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Innovate quickly with a single source for annotated information

By partnering with CAS for knowledge management, whether it’s through CAS SciFinder Discovery PlatformTM, STN IP Protection SuiteTM, or CAS Custom ServicesSM, you can easily find and harness pre-existing data published in journal articles and patents.

Our scientist curators have carefully extracted, harmonized, and connected the critical information your team needs to advance drug discovery projects, including key concepts, sequence information, and data points.

With this wealth of interconnected and discoverable information, you can reveal insights buried in disparate data that can lead to better predictions and more confident decision-making

CAS Sequences

Streamline target identification, find variants and their bioactivity data, and conduct other sequence-related research with the millions of protein and nucleic acid sequences available in CAS REGISTRY®. Learn about the CAS Sequences collection.

CAS Pathways

Make connections between mammalian signaling pathways, sequence information, bioactivity data, and molecular biomarkers to gain deeper insight into the mechanism of action and guide drug discovery activities such as SAR optimization. (Coming soon)

CAS Biomarkers

Start safety and efficacy studies a few steps ahead with findings from papers and patents that connect molecular biomarkers to compounds and pharmacological data. (Coming soon)

CAS Bioactivity

Move faster and with more confidence through lead optimization with SAR and ADMET data extracted from papers and patents, indexed, and standardized by CAS scientists. Learn about the CAS Bioactivity collection.

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CAS Insights

CAS scientists stay at the cutting edge of life sciences research and share the unique connections they uncover to accelerate your scientific progress. Visit CAS Insights for more articles, webinars, videos, and reports.

CAS Solutions


Advance drug discovery by exploring sequences with BLAST, CDR, and Motif searches, and drilling down into SAR, ADME, and toxicity data linked to specific molecules.

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Prioritize the drug candidate pipeline with the freedom to operate and competitive intelligence searches of CAS Sequences and patented molecules. 

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CAS Custom Services

Solve your unique drug discovery R&D and business challenges with CAS data and scientific experts.

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